A bottle of white wine called 'Essence: Riesling Raimund Prüm' on a table with a yellow mug.

Wine Review: Serious Ries-pect for this Riesling

Image description: A bottle of white wine called ‘Essence: Riesling Raimund Prüm’ on a table with a yellow mug.

For March’s review, The Oxford Wine Company were kind enough to provide me with a lovely screw top bottle to save my house from another embarrassing episode with a corkscrew.

I am admittedly not someone who usually reaches for a bottle of white, preferring the “will-this-taste-like-vinegar-or-amazing” roulette game that red provides. However, this 2019 Riesling from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region in Germany (look it up, it’s very pretty) was a very pleasant surprise. 

As usual, my housemates were keen to get involved with sampling. We each took a “professional sniff” and then tasted this lovely wine.

Sniff test

A: Light, citrusy, crispy like a nice apple (the label on the bottle is very accurate). It’s quite sweet in a nice summer-y way!

R: Agreed. Light and Apple-y.

I: It’s quite sweet and light.

Taste test:

A: Similar to how it smells, but there’s a really nice depth of flavour that I sometimes think is missing in white wine.

R: Sweet but also has quite a tart edge to it. It’s quite refreshing in a cucumber-y sort of way.

I: Very nice. I could drink a large amount of it.


This wine is crisp, refreshing, and perfect for those warmer days as we move into spring! It’s got a nice tart edge to it – the alcoholic equivalent of eating a nice Granny Smith apple. Bonus fact: Saskia A. Prum is the first woman to run her family business which has been around since 1156.

The Oxford Wine Company who kindly provided this bottle for review are offering a 15% discount off German wines until the end of March. Additionally, they have a lovely student discount so be sure to visit next time you need a nice bottle!

Image credit: Anna Gunstone