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The University of Oxford’s in-house testing service, the Early Alert Service, has recorded just one positive case out of 55 tests for the week 20th-26th March. This amounts to a positivity rate of 1.8%. 

Each Monday the Early Alert Service’s test results are updated for the previous week. It is worth noting that these figures do not include positive test results received outside of the University’s testing system. There was only one positive case reported during the week of the 20th to the 26th March. This was at a positivity rate of just 1.8%. 

The Early Alert Service will be closed from 1st April to the 5th April and this will include the telephone booking helpline. The University’s guidance is that if you are in residence during this period and you develop coronavirus symptoms, you must not wait for the Early Alert Service to reopen and instead book a free NHS test. 

Currently, the university is at stage three of its Business Continuity Planning Framework, which means that colleges are closed to the public and the majority of teaching and assessment is conducted remotely. The university hopes to move to stage two of its framework on Monday 12th April, which means colleges will operate in line with social distancing with as full a cohort of students on site as possible. There would also be more of a mixture of virtual and in-person teaching. Under stage two in the framework some areas of the university would be opened to the public in line with social distancing measures. Any changes to the university’s Business Continuity Planning Framework is dependent on government guidance on higher education, which will be updated on the 12th April. 

None of the university’s colleges will be able to confirm general arrival procedures for Trinity term until the 12th April. If students believe that they need to return to the university before this date for one of the permitted reasons, such as due to student welfare or a lack of study space, they must contact the accommodation department of their respective college. 

There were thirty-one new daily cases on the 30th March in Oxfordshire out of 3384 new cases in England on the same day. The case rate in Oxfordshire remains below the national average. The weekly rate of confirmed cases (up to the 25th March) per 100000 of the population in Oxfordshire was 39.3 compared to 55.8 in England. Nevertheless, the case rate in Oxfordshire is above the rate of the South East of England, which stands at 35.5 cases per 100000 of the population. 

West Oxfordshire accounted for the highest proportion of the 31 new cases with 9 new cases and Cherwell and the Vale of White Horse accounted for the lowest proportion of the new cases with 4 each. This data is updated on a daily basis.


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