Slow death

Image Description: a fading potted plant against a painted red background 


Didn’t take a

good shot of you when I saw you on Thursday.

Met you in Sainsbury’s,

Enchanted by your beauty,

I kept saying “you are so beautiful”,

my heart trembled,

I kept saying

“you are so beautiful”.


I held you tightly in my chest when going home,

Fierce wind, howling, it was frightening.

I was carrying a lot of groceries,

I was clumsy as always, but

I chose to walk a longer road, a less windy path,

I used my jacket to protect you,

in hopes of preserving your beauty.


A day later, you started to fade.

I guess the wind killed you.

My care failed to protect you.

Today you look so gloomy.

Slowly you will be leaving

leaving on a jet plane

I hope.


I capture your slow death,

maybe the face you hate people to see.

I am sorry,

there’s nothing I can do better,

in memory of you.


You will always remain in my heart,

be my baby.

I had once protected you against the fiercest wind you had in your life,

that I brought to you.

I am sorry.


As long as you could,


Image Credit: Rachel MacNaghten via The Oxford Student Creative Team