In Charts: Oxford Student Demographics

Image Description: An image of the Radcliffe Camera on a cloudy day

The Oxford Student has obtained previously unreleased data on undergraduate student demographics at the University of Oxford. The data is collected by the university through the Student Self Service portal as part of the student registration process in order to meet its reporting obligations to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

It contains statistics on students’ reported ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, and trans identity. Among students who submitted responses other than “Unknown” or “Unknown/Information refused”:

  • 27.9% identified as ethnic minorities or mixed race
  • 62.9% considered themselves to have no religion
  • 17.1% declared a known disability
  • 17.5% said they were lesbian, gay, bisexual, or other than heterosexual
  • 0.9% said their gender identity was different than that assigned at birth

The rate of “Unknown/Information refused” responses was considerable for sexual orientation (17.1%), trans identity (12.5%), and religion or belief (11.9%).

The data is accurate as of 1 December 2020, with an overall response rate of 95.31% (11401/11962). The data relates to full-time undergraduate and integrated masters students at Oxford.

Image Credits: Evy Prentice via Unsplash