Apology and retraction of article published 5th June

On 5th June, one of our editors published a piece which contained plagiarised passages from an existing article written by Nylah Burton, available here: https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7e4wx/learning-indigenous-languages-climate-crisis

The Oxford Student takes plagiarism very seriously, and pulled the article in question immediately once we were made aware of it. We have retracted the article, and have withdrawn it from publication.

We would like to apologise to Ms Burton for the distress this incident has caused her. We recognise that by failing to seek her and her sources’ permission to use their work, the editor’s actions undermined the hard work Ms Burton had put into writing the article, and unintentionally detracted from the salience of the subject matter of her article.

We are deeply sorry for our mistake; in no way or form do we condone plagiarism, and we will be rectifying the lack of oversight that allowed this to happen immediately. We are undergoing an internal review of editing procedures and will be strengthening the process to ensure something like this never happens again.

Below is an apology from the editor:

I’d like to publicly apologise to Nylah Burton for plagiarising her work in a recent article that I wrote and published in the Oxford Student. My actions were completely unacceptable and disrespectful to her and the months of work that she put into researching and writing her piece. 

I would also like to personally apologise to Ashley Fairbanks and Jakelin Troy for using their words and stories that they had trusted to Nylah without reaching out to them myself or asking for permission. This was hugely ignorant and incredibly hurtful. 

I understand and support any of the people above in further actions they wish to take including reporting me or the article. It was completely immoral on my part and will never happen again. 

Finally, I’d like to do what I should have done from the beginning and encourage everyone to go read Ms Burton’s article. It’s an incredible piece of work and immensely important.