Night on the Town

Image Description: a selfie taken in a night club. 

Freshers week has been and gone, and our inevitable freshers flu induced hibernation is the perfect time to take a look at some of this week’s most popular outfits. A commendable effort has been made by – i dare say- the most fashionable freshers to date, missing two years of clubbing has not hindered but rather inspired their clubbing fits. 

Denial is not an option when it comes to popularity of waistcoats, not just something seen at port and policy anymore but sported by so many girls in the bullingdon it was impossible to find anyone in thesea of students. This is a trend I’m certainly guilty of, having failed to discuss outfits beforehand I did in fact end up matching with a fresher (shock) – at least she was a trendy one!

Now, perhaps against our better judgement, lowrise trousers are back, and once again I’m a repeat offender. There are several levels to the lowrise look, starting with the mid ris
e, then the boyfriend jean and for the brave few; low and skinny. I’m sure many of you are not convinced, but they are surprisingly comfortable, and I won’t lie, feeling like Paris Hilton everytime you go out guarantees a good night!


Now, this is a newer one. Graphic jumpers. Warm, light weight, easy to carry and yet still stylish, they’re the perfect clubbing addition now the weathers turning. No queuing for the cloak room, or carrying your puffer if you have a trusty jumper. Definitely a lockdown trend that is sticking around.

Blazers were definitely a popular choice for all people, perfect as a jacket and as a way to smarten an outfit, have you just rolled out of bed or been to formal ? Who knows? 

Making the most of the weather before it becomes unbearably cold, many opted for funky tights this week. There were of course the staple fishnet tights, great at keeping you just slightly warmer than you would be without them, but I noticed stars, polka dots, even stripes this week. A great way to make a statement if you’re still nostalgic and longing for your school uniform. 

Overall I’d say last week’s trend predictions were pretty accurate. Tailored wear, low rise, bright colours and the flu are by far the most popular takeaways from this year’s freshers week.

Image Credit: Amina Lounas