Why do men keep gaslighting me about nail polish?

It’s no secret that I love nail polish. I have so many bottles of the stuff that it almost isn’t funny anymore, and the process of painting my nails is basically a full-time job.

I’m keeping the exact number of bottles of nail polish secret because it is slightly (very) embarrassing, but for reference, I am to nail polish what Imelda Marcos is to shoes.

I always try to match my nails to something, whether it’s my outfit, my mood, the weather or whatever new fashion trend I’ve just seen, and for this I need just about every colour imaginable. Honestly, think of any specific colour and I probably have it at least twice, as well as a slightly darker version and one that has glitter in it.

I’ve realised that people love to ask me about my collection of nail polish, whether they see the whole collection or just as many as I can cram into a makeup bag, and the one question I always get is a variation of “Why do you have so much nail polish?”

The answer is simple: I just do.

I like the variety, I like how they look, and I like never having to worry about not being able to match my nails to something.

That question, although annoying, is innocent enough, but something I cannot stand is when someone tries to tell me that two different bottles of nail polish look identical.

Usually, the difference between them is obvious, and if it isn’t, it’s obvious enough to me that I don’t consider them the same. If they were identical, why would I buy the same polish twice?!

Besides, the joy I get from giving myself the perfect manicure, or the excitement of finding my new favourite polish is priceless to me, so it really doesn’t matter if you think I have too much nail polish or if you think scarlet, crimson and vermillion are the same thing (they definitely aren’t) because you aren’t the one wearing the polish.

Still not convinced? Mind your own business!