An ode to my coat part 2


Not every loved item is lost forever, sometimes, just sometimes there is a happy ending. If you’re willing to put the time and effort into a full-scale search sometimes the fruits of your work, make it all worthwhile. So here are some happy-ending-stories of reunited companions to help cheer you up in 5th week.


I navigated the dark, derelict hallways of bridge in the daytime, walking past the dreaded cloak room (where I last saw my college puffer) to the illusive lost and found. Such as sad, sad, place. I searched and searched, through all the puffers and leather blazers, and just as I began to loose hope, there it was. My beloved puffer! The pockets still full of night out essentials and the collar still smelling of cigarette smoke. My darling, my love, my puffer, finally back where it belongs.


Although the broken heel on my lovely, lovely boots was unsalvageable I will never forget the wonderful nights we shared. My new boots will never live up to their blister free legacy, but we spend the nights in plush honouring those we have lost and living our lives to the fullest – it’s what they would have wanted.


When my house mate screamed at me to stop as I put my tarnished white jeans in the machine for a hot wash, I had no clue what was coming.  She motheringly bleach bathed the tired looking trousers and careful handwashed all the stains.  All was lost until I woke the next morning to a gleaming pair of white jeans drying on the stand in the kitchen. Could it be? My jeans?! Repaired! I will never take my darling jeans for granted now, only tutes and library sessions from now on, I will never put their life on the line in varsity ever again.


My passport works fine, but it hasn’t seen me through exciting times like my ID has. I continue to maintain a partnership with the passport while I wait for the day the bar finally answer my phone call and we can be together again…


The hundreds of rings left on top a basin in spoons are irreplaceable- okay that’s not strictly true, they were in fact from Primark and I did in fact just buy more. But the days between the loss and new purchase left my fingers feeling naked and alone, although did enjoy the fleeting moments of joy that having fingers without green metal stains gave.


So there we have it- not all hope is lost, whether a lost soul is reunited with their greatest companion or a suitable alternative has been find, all works out in the end.