Teddy Hall Criticised for advertising at less than Oxford Living Wage

Image Description: an image of the Teddy Hall jobs website. 

St Edmund Hall, or ‘Teddy Hall’, has been criticised for advertising a scout job paying £9.90 an hour, which is less than the Oxford Living Wage of £10.31 an hour.

The University of Oxford adopted the Oxford Living Wage, which is decided by the Oxford City Council, in 2020. Recently The Oxford Student reported that Brasenose College had been criticised for advertising jobs at less than the Oxford Living Wage by the Oxford Worker Justice Campaign.

Teddy Hall advertised the job in a tweet that was posted on Wednesday. The tweet read:

“We have 6 #jobs at St Edmund Hall, on of @UniofOxford’s colleges, with great staff benefits. Take a look and/or spread the word!”

“Scout (Cleaner), Accounts Assistant, Chef De Partie, Executive Head Chef, Director of Development, College Registrar”.

The job advertisement website for Teddy Hall reads: “St Edmund Hall is an accredited Living Wage Employer”. The Living Wage Foundation’s logo is prominently displayed on the website.

The Oxford Worker Justice Campaign criticised the College in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon.

Look guys, @StEdmundHall you can’t pretend you don’t know about @LivingWageOx £9.90/hr is not a living wage in this city, so stop waving your ‘real living wage’ nonsense in our face. Accreditation is not worth the paper it’s written on.”

In a statement to The Oxford Student, the Oxford Worker Justice Campaign further stated:

“This latest example of a college offering a job well below the Oxford Living Wage is just further proof off what we in the Worker Justice campaign already knew: accreditation is not worth the paper it’s printed on. The fact that the OLW is due to be uprated on the 15th of this month, with inflation running high, only adds insult to injury. Hardworking college staff (many of whom are precariously employed migrants) have put themselves at risk by working to support students and colleges throughout the pandemic, and to suggest that they aren’t worth a liveable wage is disgraceful. We hope St. Edmund Hall live up to their supposed standard and re-list this job at the Oxford Living Wage level.”

St Edmund Hall have been contacted for comment.


Image Credit: Madeleine Ross