Application Extended: Senior Editorial and Creative Team for Hilary 2022!

Image Description: the words “Application extended!. Join our senior editorial team. Applications open until 11:59PM on Wednesday, 8 December.” against an image of the Bridge of Sighs.

Applications to join the Senior Editorial team and Creative team of the Oxford Student have been extended until midnight on Wednesday, the 8th of December! If you would like to be a Deputy Editor, Creative Director, or Deputy Creative Director in Hilary, now is your actual last chance to apply! You can find the original post and links here. We encourage everyone to apply, and look forward to building our new team!

All applications consist of a written application and optional sample of your work. Following this, you may be called to an interview with the new Editors in Chief for Hilary Term 2022, Alex and Andrew. Senior Editorial team applicants should submit a writing sample (preferably an article) while Creative team applicants should submit a work of art or design to

Image Credits: Elliot Parker.