An Ode to the First Bop – OxYou’s Poetry Corner

Image description: Shadowy figures dance at a disco

Welcome to the OxYou Poetry Corner, a new feature which offers the sensitive souls of Oxford the chance to express the inexpressible, and breath life into our deepest human desires through the beautiful medium of stanzas, sonnets, and similes.

This week, Jonah Poulard dares to bear his soul in commemorating one’s first ‘bop’ experience, using a delicate rhyming scheme to capture the fluorescent euphoria of and youthful dedication to getting absolutely shitfaced.

An Ode to the First Bop:

On an eve such as today,

A fresher went into the fray.

Plush was the setting,

The outfits upsetting,

Decked in frog attire,

Attracting much local ire,

He danced all night,

And did not feel all right,

For drinking their poppers,

Will earn you a run in with coppers,

He remembered not his misdeeds,

And woke up with many needs,

The most pressing of which,

Was to go to the Dean.