Student Reps to Sit on VC Nominating Committee

Student representatives, including outgoing SU President Anvee Bhutani and Vice President Graduates Devika Devika, will be on the Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship (VC Nominating Committee) in a search for the successor to current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, whose term will end in autumn 2023 after which she will assume the presidency of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This will be the first time student representatives will participate in the nomination process in this capacity in centuries.

Anvee Bhutani and Devika Devika, along with Vice President (Access and Academic Affairs) Safa Sadozai, are currently ex officio student member observers of the Oxford University Council, representing the interests of student in the University’s governance and planning. Their selection in the Nominating Committee will allow them to have a say in the formation and planning of the next University administration.

As part of the nomination process, the Nominating Committee will recommend a named individual for the Vice-Chancellorship to the University Council. The Council will then submit the name of the proposed individual to the Congregation, the sovereign body of the University, for appointment. The search of the proposed individual has already begun, two years before the end of Professor Richardson’s departure, to ensure her successor is recommended to the Council in Trinity Term 2022 and will be ready to take up the position in late 2023.

As of now, the members of the Nominating Committee include the Chancellor the Rt Hon the Lord Patten of Barnes, Chair of Conference of Colleges Mr Miles Young of New College, Professor Nandini Gooptu of St Antony’s College and Dr. Huw Dorkins of St Peter’s College.

The Committee has indicated that it is interested in hearing about “thoughts on the nature of the role of the Vice-Chancellor and on the background and qualities required of potential candidates for the role, given the likely challenges of the coming decade” from any member of the University community in its recruitment process. For anyone interested in submitting their views, they can do so by emailing the Chancellor and Chair of the Nominating Committee, at


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