The Boat Race 2022: Live Updates With Latest Results!

Cambridge have won the Gemini 2022 Women’s Boat Race in a record breaking time of 18 minutes and 22 seconds. This year saw the Boat Race return to the Tideway with large crowds on either sides of the river, after it was moved last year over COVID concerns and worries about the structural integrity of the Hammersmith Bridge.

The Light Blue team won the 76th Women’s Boat Race by approximately seven seconds, breaking the record that was set in 2017 by 11 seconds. The Women’s Boat Race has been held on the Tideway since 2015. Cambridge now lead Oxford in total wins 46-30.

Oxford had won the coin toss prior to the start of the race and had chosen to row on the Surrey side, which is thought to give an advantage due to the bends of the river.

The Oxford cox raised a challenge over aggressive coxing upon finishing the race, with commentators in the early stages of the race warning the Cambridge cox over his aggressive line. Cambridge had pulled ahead early in the race, pulling in front of the Oxford boat on the Surrey side of the river. However, umpire John Garrett disagreed with the challenge, saying that the infringement did not constitute disqualification.

Only one crew has ever been disqualified in the history of the Boat Race, in 1849, when the Oxford Men were removed from the race.

Commentators described the race as the “closest Women’s Race to be held on the Tideway”.

This is the fifth year in a row that the Cambridge Women’s Boat have won the Boat Race, beating Oxford by less than a length when the race was moved to Ely last year. 

The Oxford Crew was composed of a number of experienced and talented rowers. A number of the Crew have National and International experience. Amelia Standing is the reigning World Champion in the Coxless Four after taking gold in the U23 2021 World Championships.

(Cox) Joe Gellett, (Stroke) Annie Anezakis, (7) Erin Reelick, (6) Gabrielle Smith, (5) Anastasia Posner, (4) Anja Zehfuss, (3) Christine Cavallo, (2) Amelia Standing, (Bow) Julia Lindsay.

The Cambridge team was described before the race as “the best crew Cambridge have ever put out”, and included the Kiwi Olympian pairing of Grace Prendergast and Ruby Tew.

(Cox) Jasper Parish, (Stroke) Imogen Grant, (7) Grace Prendergast, (6) Sarah Portsmouth, (5) Bronya Sykes, (4) Ruby Tew, (3) Paige Badenhorst, (2) Caoimhe Dempsey, (Bow) Adriana Perez Rotondo.

Olympian Tew commented at the end of the race that Cambridge had gone “out there and did exactly what we planned to do”.

The Blondie Boat have also beaten Osiris by over 2 lengths.


Oxford have won the 167th Men’s Boat Race, in a time of 16 minutes and 44 seconds. The all-time record is 16 minutes and 19 seconds.

The 167th Men’s Race began three minutes late, at 15:26 EST. Both boats got clean starts, with Cambridge taking an aggressive line towards Middlesex early on. Within the first minute the umpire, Sir Matthew Pinsent, issued warnings to the crews not to clash. He then issued several further warnings as the boats got too close before the first bend of the race, telling both crews to stay apart.

Unlike during the Women’s Race, the boats faced a headwind, favouring the heavier Oxford Boat. Oxford led by nearly a length into the mile post, leading into the bend of the river that would favour them by three quarters of a length.

Oxford led under the Hammersmith Bridge. Approximately 80% of crews that lead at Hammersmith Bridge go on to win the race. Oxford then increased their lead over Cambridge into the ten minute mark. The Oxford cox, Jack Tottem, was praised by commentators for keeping a calm head.

The Dark Blues had a large lead past the bandstand, heading towards Barnes Bridge. With a thousand metres to go, Oxford had a lead of several lengths, as crowds on the banks cheered them towards the finish. No protest was raised by either cox.

Commentators described the Oxford Boat as a “simply stunning” crew.

The Men's Crews from the side of the River. Image Credit: Leo Buckley.
The Men’s Crews from the side of the River. Image Credit: Leo Buckley.

Martin Cox, an former Olympic rower, described the Oxford crew as “Olympic quality”. “The straight-line speed and power in this Oxford boat is just incredible. They’ve just closed the door.”

Jack Tottem, Oxford’s cox, said after the race, “This has been a dream for me. To put it out there today, means a lot.”

Tobias Schroder, winning his first Boat Race, commented: “Ten out of ten. That was really good. The race plan was to go out really hard, to win the race from the start. I think we did two more pushes than we planned – I had nothing left, seven or eight minutes in!”

Commentators emphasised the strength of both crews, saying that both were incredibly strong.

The Cambridge Men won the coin toss and started on the Middlesex station. Oxford were the favourites to win this year’s Men’s Boat Race, but had not won since 2017. Cambridge currently lead Oxford in total wins by 85-81.

The Oxford Men’s Boat was composed of: (Cox) Jack Tottem, (Stroke) Tobias Schroder, (7) Angus Groom, (6) Charlie Elwes, (5) Roman Roosli, (4) Jack Robertson, (3) Barnabe Delarze, (2) David Ambler, (Bow) Liam Corrigan.

Oxford had a bow-rig boat, meaning that the Stroke oar is not on the Stroke side of the boat.

The Cambridge Crew was: (Cox) Charlie Marcus, (Stroke) Ollie Parish, (7) James Bernard, (6) Tom George, (5) Ollie Wynne-Griffith, (4) Simon SchĂĽrch, (3) George Finlayson, (2) James Hunter, (Bow) Luca Ferraro.

The Cambridge Boat in the Men’s Veterans Race was disqualified in their race by umpire Sir Matthew Pinsent on the 2nd April. The Oxford Women’s Veterans Boat took the title in the Women’s race.



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