Blane's Style Files

Blane’s Style Files: what your favourite Oxford clothes shop says about you

What your favourite Oxford clothes shop says about you:

Oxfam Broad Street:

You love a bargain, and you love to have a rummage around to find the perfect outfit for the next ball or bop. You don’t care if it takes hours of trawling through stained maternity wear or weird cardigans that would make even the most seasoned English teachers shriek, the thrill of the hunt is what keeps you going and when you finally find that perfect outfit, it’s staying in your wardrobe for years to come. In other parts of your life, you’re fiercely determined and loyal to your friends, so anyone that gets on their (or your) bad side should watch out!

The Unicorn:

You’re kind of a complete mess, but you never let that stop you. Instead, you’ve got a whirlwind personality that revitalises everyone around you, and you’re never too busy to help a friend in need. Your fashion sense is eclectic, but also refined, and when you need to go full glam, you hit the nail on the head every single time without fail. At home, your wardrobe is full to bursting with amazing clothes, and there’s a good chance that at least some of these clothes end up all over your room when you can’t work out what to wear!

Ballroom Emporium:

You’re fancy, and you’ve got money and time to spend. On the outside, you might come across as cold and even snobby at times, but somewhere inside, you’ve got a heart of gold. You’re a stickler for a good theme or dress code, and there is nothing more enraging to you than when people decide that they’re too good to follow said dress code. At home, you’re a complete and utter neat freak who has every part of their wardrobe carefully organised, and you’re very particular about how you wash and iron your very favourite pieces of clothing.

Reign Vintage, Cowley:

You’re a bundle of energy that drives everybody crazy, but that’s why you’re so popular! You love to try bold new colour combinations and you’ve always got ideas for what to wear next or crazy ideas about what the next trends will be. Even though you’re full of life, procrastination is basically your middle name, no matter how many times you said you wouldn’t leave the next essay until the last minute!

The Retro Room:

You love to shop at the most obscure places you can find, and you aren’t afraid to pay a little extra for something that’s really calling your name. As much as you love an intense day of shopping, you also love to relax with a good book at the end of a long day of shaming everyone else into realising how terrible their own taste in clothes is when they see you walk past. When you aren’t out shopping, fashion is your number one passion, and you’re always up to date on the latest fashion shows and runway trends.

Urban Outfitters:

Really? This is your favourite? Of all the brilliant clothes shops in Oxford, this is the one you just keep on going back to? I bet you think you’re so cool and trendy, don’t you? Well, you’re not! You’re just a big, unfashionable sweatshop supporting freak, and I don’t ever want to see you reading my column ever again!