Editorials – Week 3

Jason Chau

It has been an incredible experience to see the paper’s growth this past few weeks. Our journalists have been working tirelessly to get the best reporting done, and it’s amazing to see everyone grow into their roles and responsibilities. As Editor-in-Chief, I am tremendously grateful for what our team has accomplished. Their commitment to journalism and passion for the paper is an inspiration to me every day.

As always, editing the OxStu is not an easy job. Days and nights can be long and chaotic. But one thing is certain in how we treat our work: maintaining the highest journalistic standards is a priority, and we always try our best to ensure the objectivity and neutrality of what we produce. It is always a work-in-progress because there is always room to improve, but I really believe our team’s capability and aspiration to achieve what is most holistic and most professional.

So as we march towards the middle of Michaelmas Term, we are thankful for all our readers’ support in the past few weeks, and we are always looking forward to a becoming a better and stronger team.


Dominic Enright

I write my second editorial for the Oxford student having created one of the more weird front page photos to appear in the paper. I hope you enjoy this week’s edition as much as I enjoyed editing it, as there is some really good work in here. I particularly enjoyed the Entertainment pieces, although the columns go from strength to strength. The team has been working well together and we hopefully will have some events planned in the near future like Journalist panels. Please do come along as it’ll be fascinating insight into journalism.
In other news, I got thrashed 10-0 in my football game, so I didn’t read this week’s men’s football cuppers
preview. While, I am sure that the St. John’s football team will only go from strength to strength, this was
not our finest performance. Being my Fourth college football team, I have been a mercenary in times past but hopefully, in my new college team things I will settle down. It seems that despite being many times richer, St. Benet’s- Regents would give them a run for their money.

I once again want to thank the whole editorial team: Jason, Anna, Yii Jen, Chris, Milo, Susie, Ayomi, Ciaron, Emily, Anmol, Joe, Jonah, Anvee and Dani. The list goes on and on. However, the paper would genuinely not work without you and you deserve to be praised to the rafters. I want to say a particular thank you to Blane this week who has stuck it out with me, and renewed the Gen Z section. An Ox- Stu Stalwart, I hope you remain in the paper for a long time.

Blane Aitchison

I was walking down the High Street the other day and thought to myself “I can’t believe it’s already third week!” I’m not entirely sure how almost half of the term has gone so quickly, but I suppose it must be true when they say that time does fly when you’re an amazingly talented editor and columnist for the best student newspaper ever. A few articles that I really enjoyed reading this week included Matt Holland’s article about Exeter College’s cockroach problem, Anna Lee’s assessment of the quality of Oxford’s disability service compared to those available in the
US, and rather predictably, Blane’s Style Files (my long-running column), which is back on page 29 with an abhorrently judgemental piece about Halloween costumes – enjoy!

Yours, stylistically early but fashionably late, Blane

Anna Davidson

Ah week three, my eighth favourite week. As the days get darker, and you pick up your fortnightly copy
of the OxStu to tear up and start fires with, I hope this issue can provide you with some interest and excitement to push through the coming weeks. Everyone on the team has worked extremely hard, from commissions and lay-ins to trekking all the way to the Head of the River for a gossip and pint. I’m hugely grateful to everyone on the editorial team for their imagination, talent, dedication and ability to stay on Facebook messenger for all hours of the day, and very proud of the work they do. Do enjoy this week’s issue – Taylor Swift is on page 24, for those of you not looking to waste your time – and let us know what you think!