Blane’s Style Files: Tell me what you’d do in these situations, and I’ll tell you what colours you should wear more often.

Blane Aitchison

Gone are the days of outrageous 80s neon, funkily-coloured kitchens and patterned curtains.
We are living in an age of beige.
But that doesn’t have to be the case! Despite AI-powered research showing that our clothes, homes
and even our cars are becoming less colourful than they used to be, by taking this quiz you can fight
against a world of boring outfits.

The Quiz:

You walk past a shop and see an expensive item of clothing. You really love it, but you also recently
promised yourself that you would be better at saving money this term.
A – Walk past it and forget about it; your wardrobe is already full, and you just can’t afford to buy it
B – Take a picture of it and try to find a cheaper version online
C – Buy it before you can think of another reason not to

You have an essay due tomorrow on a topic that you don’t really understand, but your college is
having a bop tonight that you’ve been really looking forward to.
A – Spend the night reading and writing a well thought out essay and don’t go to the bop
B – Write the essay as fast as humanly possibly (even if this means the essay isn’t very good) and
then go to the bop
C – Just go to the bop, who cares about essays anyway?

After a long day of lectures, you come home to find your housemate’s annoying friend has come
over again, and they have just criticised you for the last time!
A – Ask your housemate to tell their friend to be nicer
B – Fire back with the most devastatingly rude insult you can think of
C – Hit them

Your friend excitedly tells you that they’re going on a date later this week, but you know the person
that asked them out is nothing but trouble!
A – Put together a presentation and persuade them not to go
B – Tell them what you know about their date and let them make their own mind up

C – Let them go on the date – what’s the worst that could happen?!

You find out that your housemates are in a relationship, and you’re worried about how this will
affect the atmosphere within the house.
A – Leave them to it and hope it fizzles out
B – Have a serious talk with them about your concerns
C – Move out

Mostly As
Being a calmer and more rational person than I could ever be, you’d be most suited to calming
shades of blue and green. Jeans and denim jackets have practically never not been in style, and
brands like Bottega Veneta and Zara have brought out masses of green items in their recent
collections. It’s said that the human eye can detect more shades of green than any other colour, so
why not try a tonal look using lots of different shades of green?

Mostly Bs
You’re an optimist who’s willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Bright yellows, pinks and
reds are a perfect match to your sunny disposition. Chanel and Ferragamo used a range of reds and
warm terracotta tones in their Spring 2023 collections, so it seems that cheerful, rose-tinted fashion
could be making a comeback.

Mostly Cs
You picked the craziest, most dramatic, and most fun options. To continue this theme of drama into
your outfits, why not opt for deep, jewel toned clothes to express your fiery personality? Miu Miu
and Stella McCartney used a range of burgundy and deep purple tones in their collections last year,
and these shades are perfect to wear as the weather starts getting colder.