Feeding Your Flat: Vegetable/Chicken Spicy Coconut Curry (VG, GF, DF)  

by Nina Holguin

Serves 3


This curry is perfect for the coming winter months. It’s quick to make and feeds and warms the soul after a long day of work. The recipe can be adjusted to suit a wide range of diets: spice level can be controlled with the number of chillies added to the curry paste, chicken can be added, and you can use a number of your favourite stir fry-able vegetables. Some of the spices may not be a regular purchase for many students, but all of the ingredients can be found in Magdalen Street Tesco (little Tesco).



  Food processor/smoothie maker

  Big wok/pan

  A hob


Curry paste:

    Two baby red onions/one medium red onion

    4 red chillis with seeds (the basic ones you get from the supermarket)

    4 medium sized cloves of garlic

    A small glug of sesame oil

    A small glug of olive/vegetable oil

    A big teaspoon of ground turmeric

    A big teaspoon of ground ginger

    6 pods worth of cardamom seeds

Other things:

    3 chicken breasts (optional)

  A couple of handfuls of vegetables (my favourites are peppers, mushrooms and peas, but others could be baby corn, courgette, carrots or mangetout)

    400ml boiling water

  A GF chicken/Veg stock cube

    200ml coconut cream

    Three sticks of dried lemon grass

    A stick of cinnamon broken in half

    1 star anise

    5 kaffir lime leaves

    Rice for 3 people

    A lime


1) Put the curry paste ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth-ish. Set to one side.

2) If using chicken: in a pan with both oils, fry the chicken so it gets some nice colour, but not cooked on the inside. Take the chicken out of the pan leaving all the nice chicken-y oil.

3) Add the 5 kaffir lime leaves and the two dried lemon grass sticks to the hot water.

4) In the pan with the oil, heat it up to a medium-high heat. Once the oil starts to smoke, spoon the curry paste into the pan and fry until the paste changes texture and becomes a bit oily looking.

5) Add veg (and chicken if using) into the pan and fry for a second. Stir the stock cube into the hot water, then add all of it to the pan.

6) Stir and add the coconut cream into the pan. Add the two halves of the cinnamon sticks and star anise. This will be quite wet now.

7) Leave simmering till it is a cream-like consistency (this takes about 20-30mins). While the curry simmers, cook the rice, following the packet’s instructions. Once all cooked, serve with rice and a wedge of lime.