Editorials – Week 5

Dominic Enright

Hey all, I hope you enjoy this print edition this week, with some really great writing. We were blessed this week with
COP27, and the upcoming World Cup that means that we have plenty to write about. Do read the previews written by Milo, Joe and Dani.

This was another outstanding week for entertainment who delivered a stellar comparison between Drake and Meghan Thee Stallion. All the Editorial Team are feeling the effects of 5th week blues, with most of us working from home. Week 5 will always remind me of the Blue Cheese and Blue Spark night at Benet’s which sadly will not
pick me up this year. However, I replaced it with a game of ‘Où est le Poulet’ organised by former editor in Chief, Elias Formaggia. We didn’t win but it was the journey that mattered

Thanks again to the whole editorial team, to Blane, to Anna and especially to Jason for another successful print.

Jason Chau

It’s a time of reflection and anticipation for the OxStu as we cross the halfway mark of the term. We are improving
our operations everyday, creating a fair, collaborative and enjoyable working environment as much as possible for our team. Our news and investigations team are also hard at work to deliver the best scoops, with more updates coming soon on that front!

This week, I want to personally thank Rose and Ayomi this for their over-and-beyond dedication to the paper. They have demonstrated what true journalism is with their incredible work ethic and their passion for reporting. It is a
privilege to have them on the team, and watching them work inspires me to be a better journalist everyday. They are, in all seriousness, relentless superstars.

Special thanks to Kesaia as well, for being a responsible leader; To Andrew, the sage of OxStu who is holding every-
thing together with his determination and calmness, even in times of extreme pressure. To Sam Kenny, for being a fearless reporter, willing to speak to truth to power; And to Chris, Blane, Yii-Jen, Anmol and Anna, who chose to spend their Wednesday nights in the OxStu office, trying to publish the best paper and articles every lay-in week.

There is much to do, with more stories, more scoops, more events, and most importantly, more fun in the next few
weeks. Stay tuned for our reporting. The best is yet to come.

Blane Aitchison

Last week marked the first anniversary of my very first article for The Oxford Student, so instead of the usual
bravado, I’m going to write something more sentimental this week. I’m forever grateful for the OxStu for providing me with a place to ramble on about whatever’s been on my mind lately, and even more grateful for Amina for editing and publishing my very first articles, for Dania and Elias for suggesting I start a proper column and making the amazing Blane’s Style Files banner that accompanies it, for Anna, Jason and Dom for being a continually
helpful and supportive Senior Editorial Team, and for you, the readers, who, for some reason, are still reading this,
and the other drivel .

Yours, stylistically early but fashionably late, Blane

Anna Davidson

Jason and Andrew are discussing hu- man rights policy while blasting the Butterfly Boucher rendition of David
Bowie’s ‘Changes’; it must be another OxStu nightime lay-in. We’re over halfway, which is bittersweet. On one hand, I’m loving the exciting pieces which our team tirelessly produce every fortnight, as well as the constant inspiration of Jason, Blane and Dom. On the other hand, I’m becoming increasingly concerned that one of them is going to have a heart attack from the stress. So before then, I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone for their brilliant work once again, and let them know that their efforts are always appreciated. I would go on, but they’ve started playing ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’, so I’ve decided to attack the rest of laying-in with renewed vigour. Enjoy the issue, we’ll see you in two weeks!