Editorials – Week 7

Jason Chau

In the Oxford bubble, conflict of interest is a perpetual issue. An editor of the student paper might be an officer in the Union, a student rep in their college, a member of a political society and more, all at the same time. It does not help that occasionally, the people we report on may be our coursemates, friends, partners. Hence, student papers might sometimes experience a bigger challenge than real-world media in terms of maintaining neutrality. This is why adhering to the principle of balanced and fair but also hard-hitting journalism has been key for Dom and I this term, especially with the onslaught of political news in the past two weeks. Some might see a paper as a way to air out their grievances, but journalism, ultimately, is to report on facts and use facts to ensure accountability. Being EiC
has made that principle even clearer to me.

With that said, this is the last print edition of the term, and is my last as EiC. Despite the stress that comes with the job, serving as EiC has been a honour. It’s a honour because of the great team we’ve assembled, the significant progress we’ve made for the paper’s infrastructure and the best EiC partner I can ask for – Dom – who has been the core of this paper, pouring his heart and soul into this day in and day out. His dedication, integrity and perseverance have inspired me every day this term.

Many thanks to all the associate and deputy editors, who have stuck by through the thick and thin, making sure that we deliver our stories and pieces with the highest journalistic standards possible. You all have been so amazing, and I’m privileged to be on this journey with each and every one of you!

And before my departure, some words I’d like to leave behind to my successor: don’t back down to threats or intimidation. The odds of getting a story out can seem insurmountable, but the truth is always worth pursuing. Collusion is collusion. A cover up is a cover up. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment. If a story needs to be told, don’t hesitate to tell it, when the time is right.


Dominic Enright

Hey all, what a long term it has been, from cockroaches to the Union to the general strikes. I hope you have enjoyed the hard-hitting journalism that me and the team have tried to bring to you all. However, I also hope you have
enjoyed the writing from all the section – Features, Profile, Comment , and even Sport.

From meeting journalists and asking tough questions to late night pizza and pub trips, hopefully, we have balanced well the fun and the serious sides of student journalism. I hope that both the readership and team have en-
joyed working with the editorial team this term. Thank you to the Student Union for allowing us to
use your space as well. While it has been a pleasure to be Editor in Chief, I know the job couldn’t have been done
without all the various deputy editors and section editors at the paper. I have given some angry phone calls late on a Wednesday evening, but hopefully they have been kept to a minimum. Obvious thanks go to Yii Jen, Anna, Blane
and Jason who have been doing brilliant work.

For my successor, always remember to be fair and balanced, always give everyone a fair listen and always ask whether people are on the record or not.

Blane Aitchison

It’s already the end of Week 7, which means that term is almost over and that this is the last edition of the Oxford
Student of Michaelmas 2022, and the last edition of the year! It really has been a crazy term, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! As always, I want to give a massive thanks to all of the superb section editors, the brilliant deputy editors, the hardworking strategy team, my amazing fellow Associate Editor Anna, and Dom and Jason, the Editors in Chief who miraculously manage to pull everything together week after week to create the finished paper.

Yours, stylistically early but fashionably late, Blane

Anna Davidson

Earlier this week, we heard from BBC Correspondent Ed Thomas, who said being a journalist as the most rewarding
job in the world. Clearly, he’s never laid in for the OxStu. Jason has described our last session as an ‘InDesign themed party’, which has fooled nobody, and I can’t help wondering if Ed Thomas spends many of his most rewarding hours editing articles on the history of the calendar.

That being said, this term has been brilliant. Many thanks to the inspiring Dom and Jason for their endless effort,
to Blane, who has shown me what an Associate Editor should be, to Andrew, who has never slept through the night.
Special thanks to the whole team, I’m hugely grateful to everyone for everything over the past 7 weeks. So I hope you enjoy this final issue. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to sign up for the team next term – it is, after all, the best job in the