A Review of the Outfits at the 2023 Grammys

Lizzo in Dolce & Gabbana

This is really a tale of two parts for me. I love the big, maximalist, floral cape in that amazing neon coral colour, but when she revealed the dress she was wearing beneath it, I was a bit underwhelmed. There’s something about it that looks slightly cheap in comparison to the cape, possibly the sparkly stripes and straps, or the fact that the colour of the dress is slightly, yet noticeably, different to that of the cape.

Either way, her 2nd outfit of the night, a deliciously Y2K metallic silver dress with matching shoes, made a much better impact overall, despite being less impressive than that gigantic floral coral cape.


Harry Styles in Egonlab

This is horrible. I love the colours, but the fact that he is only wearing that thing (I physically don’t have the vocabulary to describe what it actually is that he’s wearing) makes him look like a giant half-dressed toddler. I think Harry should’ve gone back to Harry’s House and changed before being allowed to go into the Grammys. The silver, tinsel-like jumpsuit he wore to perform was miles better in comparison, and I think it would have been better if he’d worn this to perform instead, and worn his performance outfit on the red carpet.


Shania Twain in Harris Reed

I don’t know how I feel about this one. It’s very bold, and I like that her country music is being referenced through the cow-print-like pattern, but it clashes badly with her red hair, and the cow-print itself is a pattern that became very outdated very quickly. I’m not even sure where to start with the hat. Overall, I suppose it just don’t impress me much.


Viola Davis in Naeem Khan

The world’s newest EGOT looks amazing in this gown that looks like a fusion between a chessboard and a Mondrian painting. The colours in the dress perfectly complement her skin tone and her makeup matches her dress too.


Doja Cat in Versace

Have you ever heard the compliment “You could wear anything – you could even wear a bin bag and look great!”? That’s what Doja Cat’s outfit reminds me of. SHe really does look great, but it really does look like she’s wearing a strangely-proportioned bin bag.


Cardi B in Gaurav Gupta

In recent times, Cardi B has shown that she’s no stranger to a big, sculptural dress (such as the time she wore the famous Mugler Venus Dress) and this is no exception. The colour and form of the garment elicit images of waves and water, which is a nice contrast to more common geometric and floral patterns on the red carpet this year. 


Adele in Louis Vuitton

I love this dress, especially the colour! In fact, Adele seems to be a fan of burgundy too, having worn similar dresses to the Brit Awards in 2016, and for her Grammys performance, also in 2016. I suppose this is like the next step for her, where Adele has taken a style and colour of dress she likes and then taken a bit of a risk by wearing a different material and the crazy wavy neckline that looks just a bit like those woven placemats you might seen on a dinner table.


Taylor Swift in Roberto Cavalli

Taking album promotion as seriously as ever, everyone’s favourite pop princess wore a matching long sleeve crop top and skirt that were Midnight(s) blue and Bejewelled! This outfit feels like an ode to her 2016 Grammy’s look from the 1989 era, and has her classic Red lipstick. This is the latest in a long line of bedazzled gowns worn by Taylor since the announcement of her album Midnights, but it’s definitely her best yet!


Sam Smith and Kim Petras

The outfits worn by this much-reviled duo are somehow both simple and complex. On the surface, there’s little more going on than a red dress, a red jacket and a red top hat, but maybe there’s some sort of hidden deeper meaning? I’m genuinely impressed at how well the shades of red all match each other, and I like the wedding-gone-wrong type vibe of the outfits.



Love her or hate her, the Queen of Pop has long been a source of fashion inspiration for the masses, and this may be no exception. Contrasting a suit and tie with a long dress and metallic purple platform shoes, Madonna is fuelling the shift back towards business wear and platform shoes. Her hair was also intricately braided, making a bigger contrast between the formality of her outfit, and her futuristic hairdo.



Although she arrived fashionably late to the Grammys, Beyoncé still managed to break the record and become the most awarded artist in their history. I have to admit that her dress looks a little bit like when you use tin foil to cover a baked potato (you can see it too, right?) but It’s definitely grown on me – It matches the silvery robotic theme of her latest album RENAISSANCE, and yet isn’t a massive departure from her usually awards show style.