Danial Hussain wins SU Presidency

Danial Hussain has been elected as Student Union President for the 23/24 academic year. 2355 votes were cast, with Hussain receiving 854 first preferences.

In total there were 2762 voters, with 21407 votes cast in all elections. Turnout was 10%, with Blackfriars winning the inter-collegiate prize for highest turnout (28.4%). 

Hussain ran on a campaign of “an Oxford that works for everyone”, pledging to reduce college disparities and make the SU more transparent and efficient. He wants to create an ‘Access Norrington Table’ which will reflect colleges’ private/state school divide, lobby for a reading week, and provide SU buses for club nights. 

Hussain has previously been Co-Chair of the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) and of the Oxford SU Class Act campaign, and he was on the Oxford Union’s Appointed Committee. He was endorsed by Class Act and OULC, and by the Oxford Period. 

Hussain said to OxStu: “It is an honour to be elected President of the Oxford University Student Union, especially as the first student from a foundation year background and Pakistani heritage to hold the position. My mission is to create an Oxford that works for everyone and I look forward to sharing how I believe this can be done in the coming weeks.”


Results in full:


President-Elect: Danial Hussain

VP Activities and Community-Elect: Mia Clement

VP Liberation and Equality-Elect: Kennedy Aliu

VP Postgraduate Education and Access-Elect: Nick Harris

VP Undergraduate Education and Access-Elect: Jenni Lynam

VP Welfare-Elect: Rosalie Chapman 

NUS delegates: Luca Di Bona, Leo Buckley, Anvee Bhutani, Anas Dayeh, Caleb Van Ryneveld, James Smith 

Student trustees-elect: Daniele Cotton, Eddie Jacobs, Flora Wilson

Local RAG charities: Jacari and Homelessness Oxford 

National and international RAG charities: Malaria Consortium and Emmaus


Image description: photo of Danial Hussain in black tie