Lunch Break: The Alternative Tuck Shop

A firm lunch staple since my first term here, this independent sandwich shop offers a wide range of, yes, sandwiches. Ranging from about £3-6 on average, the options are almost limitless, from hot, melty paninis and toasted bagels to soft, doughy ciabattas. Make sure to bring cash, though, as their minimum card spend is £5 – but if you forget, their baked goods are a delicious way to get over the card spend limit. The carrot cake is one of the best I have ever had!

If you go often enough (totally exposing myself here), the staff begin to recognise you – even if I’ve not been in a while, they always say hello and ask how I’m doing, an impressive feat in such a busy shop with such a quick turnaround. And don’t be put off by the queue: the shop itself is very small, and the queue moves very fast, so you won’t be standing on Holywell Street for long.


The OxStu recommends… Chicken, cheddar cheese and avocado on plain ciabatta (£4.95)


Image Description: A close-up shot of the front of The Alternative Tuck Shop. The visible part of the sign reads ‘The Alternative’.

Image Credit: Susie Barrows