Editorials – Week 7

Anna Davidson

 How time flies. It seems only yesterday I missed the deadline to apply for Cherwell, and yet here we are. Having laid in the last edition, myself and Milo are preparing to interview our successors, asking them the questions we wish we would’ve asked ourselves: ‘don’t you have exams?’; ‘no, don’t avoid the question, how much experience have you got with InDesign?’; ‘you’ve put down time management – are you absolutely sure about that one?’. 

It’s been as exciting a term at OxStu as it’s possible to have while being unable to afford to consult lawyers. We’ve had highs – thrilling news stories, interesting content, the pages that Yii-Jen designed – we’ve had lows – that one about burger king closing down, anything I’ve played any part in, the ones that she didn’t. I’ll miss it terribly, and without sounding too much like I’ve got little going on in my life, it’s been the highlight of my time at Oxford. 

There is, I suppose, one person without whom I wouldn’t be writing this. I mean this literally, as he spends most of his time chasing me about my editorials. Milo Dennison is not only hugely talented, he’s also pretty nice – like a journalist but with morals and stuff. When we had one of our final meetings the other day, we read over the assessment of candidates which resulted in our being chosen as EiCs, and now knowing the full extent of Milo’s advantages and disadvantages, I can safely say I’d still have him over anyone in the world. Thank you Milo. I also have to thank everyone on the team, and in particular Dani, Matt, Emily, Martin, Blane, Rose, Ayomi and Susie. Thank you.

Milo Dennison

And just like that, it’s all over. 4 dodgy editorials, 128 pages, 196,436 views on the website in February, 43 members of the OxStu team and 1 amazing co-Editor in Chief later, my time as Editor in Chief is coming to an end. It’s been an astonishing term for OxStu, breaking all sorts of stories and publishing more varied content than ever before. It’s been a privilege to head up OxStu this term and to get to know so many interesting people through this role. From accusations of defamation to blunt words from Directors of Press, it has been challenging at times, but it has also undoubtedly been the best experience I’ve had at Oxford. 

A huge part of that is my fellow co- Editor in Chief Anna, who has been simply amazing. From laying in on her birthday to putting up with my “how’s the editorial looking” texts, she has been fabulous. She is a diligent journalist and reporter, but also a lovely person to work with and an excellent, compassionate, leader. Your fellow Editor in Chief has a huge role in determining your own experience, and I can resolutely say that I wouldn’t change Anna for anyone. 

Anna and I could not have done this term alone though. Jason and Dom guided us through the early stages of setting up a team, while the entire deputy editorial team have carried the paper. Special mentions must go to Rose, an inspired choice from Anna and I as Head of News if I do say so myself, Susie and Ayomi, associate editors who have supported us through this whole thing, and Matt, as lay-in extraordinaire. Good luck to our next Editors in Chief – try not to defame anyone and you’ll be halfway there. 

Ayomilekan Adegunwa

The whole team has been great this term, but for my last editorial, I would like to give a special shout out to some members of the team. Bradley Beck – despite being at the same college, we have never met, but your articles have been a pleasure to read this term (both me and Rose can vouch for this). Sam Kenny – the Union can be a convoluted and intense environment, but your diligent coverage is both elucidating and entertaining. Matthew Holland – your sections have been impeccably managed, and some really great content has come out of them. Of course, this great work is enabled by our great senior editorial team: the superb associate editor, Susie and the fantastic editors-in-chief, Anna and Milo. Thank you all, it’s been a pleasure. 

Susie Barrows

And thus ends my run at the OxStu. Unfortunately, I have “finals” next term which mean I have to actually “prioritise my degree” (read: I’ll be back doing some non-descript role so I can stay on the groupchats and keep up with gossip). It’s been an absolute pleasure (the bane of my existence) to sit in the SU (actual location TBC) on InDesign every fortnight (getting increasingly raged as I move an image 1mm and the entire page self-destructs). Thanks to Milo, Anna, Ayomi and Rose for the vibes at big lay-in, to Matt for continuing the Portsmouth representation after I’m gone, to Martin for pushing for three Entertainment pages and giving me even more InDesign rage, and to the entire team for being consistently incredible. Enjoy this issue – and thanks for all the fish.