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Emma Watson to study at Oxford next academic year

The actor is taking on the new role of creative writing student

Emma Watson is to start an MA in creative writing at the University of Oxford in September.

In a recent Financial Times interview, the Harry Potter star also revealed that she began writing poetry and a series of essays on love, friendship, and relationships during lockdown.

Watson studied English Literature at Brown University where she came to Oxford on a junior year abroad (JYA) at Worcester College. She graduated in 2014.

Watson has long standing links to Oxford, having moved to Oxfordshire when she was 5. She attended the Dragon School, where fees are currently more than £11,000 per term, and Headington School where she took her GCSEs and A levels.

In 2016, her privacy was allegedly breached when a student took a photo of her on a visit to LMH, where she was reportedly discussing becoming a visiting fellow of the college.

Other famous names due to join Oxford in September include Ruby Granger, the studytuber, who will be studying for an MA in English literature.

Image description: photo of Emma Watson

Image credits: HDWallpapers.net (CC BY-SA 3.0)