Editorials – Week 1 Trinity 2023

Read our Trinity term first week print edition, where these editorials appear, here, or pick up a physical copy in your JCR, pidge room, or lodge!

picture of Rose smiling

Rose Henderson

Last term a friend asked me if I was considering applying to be Editor in Chief. I don’t think so, I replied. Too much work, far too stressful, and I want to enjoy my final idyllic Trinity term of being a second year before the reality of finals hits. 

It’s been down to the work of our wonderful editorial team that preparing for our first week edition hasn’t been as stressful as I was worried it might have been. A huge thanks have to go to all of the Deputy Editors who braved the SU offices to come in and prepare for print – with some skill considering that for many it was their first time using InDesign. Matt and Emily put Ayomi and I to shame with their Adobe prowess and expert tutoring. 

A special mention also to last term’s Editors in Chief, Anna and Milo, for all of the advice and help they have given over the last month or so. Milo is sticking around as Supreme Leader of the OxStu (Director of Strategy), so we will be gleaning more of his endless wisdom over this term, but Anna has also provided some extremely valuable tips, such as it being okay to ignore Milo. 

And of course, finally, thanks to Ayomi. The fact we have tutorials together this term does imply we’re going to be spending a worrying amount of time together, but I can’t wait to see what Trinity holds for the Oxford Student. 

picture of Ayomi in black tie

Ayomilekan Adegunwa

In the Easter vac, I almost died. 

This may sound like hyperbole, and to be fair, it probably is – but I really did come much closer to death than I had ever been before. It all started with a ‘walk’. I had clambered up this hill in the Lake District, wading through water and scrambling up rock – at which point I reached the summit. This may seem like a moment of euphoria – but it was not, for as I had gone up, I had to come down. 

So with the wind whipping, and the rain pouring, we trudged our way back down the other side of the mountain. It was at this point I found myself in grave danger. For some reason unknown to any of us, the path on our map seemed to be leading us to walk beside a gorge. Stood before us was a path, barely a metre across – with a hundred metre sheer drop on the other side. 

To say I was afraid would be an understatement. I inched – and I mean inched – my way along this path, wearing a battered old pair of Adidas trainers and trying my very best not to slip. Eventually I made it to the bottom – my body intact, but my sanity not. 

Since that fateful day on the mountain, I have come to value every day life more and more. With this new perspective, it brings me great joy to spend my time at The Oxford Student – there’s no place I’d rather be. The team have been amazing so far – thank you to everyone for your hard work. We would, quite literally, not be able to do it without you. 

Photo of Emily

Emily Hudson

I started university in lockdown and my mornings would usually be a cup of tea and a healthy dose of browsing on the OxStu website. A year ago I worked on my first edition of the paper; it’s been a joy to watch how it changes as time goes by. 

We’ve kicked off term in the best possible way: a newsletter, a union scandal and two afternoons lounging around at lay-in. What more could a third year wish for? 

The OxStu has a cracking team this term, and I’m grateful to be able to help out in such a relaxed and friendly environment. That’s all from me – til next time! 

Photo of Matt

Matthew Holland

Every day I remind myself about how extraordinary it is that I’m at Oxford, something I never thought would be possible. Before anyone else, I owe so much to my amazing girlfriend whose support and devotion has been invaluable. Olivia, thank you for being such a constant source of happiness and love. 

I promise that my future editorial will be less serious than this; more jokes about Portsmouth and Exeter College to come. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Deputy Editors and others who helped lay-in this week, you have been so impressive and all learnt your new roles so quickly. 

Up the OxStu!!!