Editorials – Week 3 Trinity 2023

Read our Trinity 2023 third week print edition, where these editorials appear, here, or pick up a physical copy in your JCR, pidge room, or lodge!

Rose Henderson

This week, I am especially proud of our front page investigation into the Union’s ties to Saudi-backed investment fund, the FII. Milo’s work on this story, over several months, exemplifies the standard of journalism that the Oxford Student endeavours to produce. Being able to get the investigation out with limited resources and multiple stakeholders trying to block our inquiries has been a remarkable achievement. 

Journalistic dedication is displayed throughout the paper. Matt and Martin have put a huge amount of time into their feature on the trans community in Oxford, and the reaction to the Union’s invitation of gender critical philosopher Kathleen Stock. In our coverage of Stock we have sought to go beyond the culture wars perspective used by national papers, and get to the heart of opinions on this issue in Oxford. 

The coronation of King Charles has also divided opinion in the university. Charlie, Canqi, and Daisy did the work of ‘proper journalists’ in their piece on how Oxford celebrated (or protested) the coronation. We considered doing a coronation pull out in this print, but eventually decided our budget couldn’t quite stretch to that… 

Thanks to Ayomi, Emily and Matt for leading the paper so brilliantly and aiding the production of such a fantastic range of articles. I particularly recommend reading Brad’s article on the best college in Oxford’s five-a-side tournament!

Ayomilekan Adegunwa

I have something to get off my chest. Trinity term, thus far, has been a disappointment. The weather has been utterly awful this term. The weather has been rainy and cold. There has been no croquet and there has been no punting – it’s just been dozens of hours in the SU offices. This is no bad thing – The Oxford Student has been one of a few highlights of the Trinity Term, and writing this editorial is always a fun time. If you’ve been reading my editorials for the past term and a bit (which can’t be a group of more than five people), you will know I love a tenuous metaphor. From the lighthouse metaphor to last edition’s fateful walk – this editorial has been a space for some of my most pretentious and exaggerated literary flourishes. 

This week I intend to continue in this vein. During our lay-in session this week I compared our formidable news team to a bull in a China shop – such was the fervent nature with which our team was breaking stories (I was particularly proud of this one). On a wider note, the whole team has been very impressive – and I want to take this time to thank some of the behind the scenes figures: Milo – spin doctor, director of strategy, the self-proclaimed ‘visionary’ behind The Oxford Student. A big thanks to Rose for being the editor-in-chief. This paper would not function without you, quite literally. Somewhat embarrassingly, Rose somehow manages to be better than me at both my degree and my editor-in-chief role – which might say something about my diligence (or lack thereof), but in truth says even more about Rose’s amazing abilities. 

Emily Hudson

Is it a dream? Or did all the Dep Eds finish lay in on day 1? Those ringing voices may sound like the musings of fairies but in fact it’s a dedicated team all pulling together on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Not sure what accelerated the work this week – perhaps the cocktails at our “Hot off the Press” social had some sort of active ingredient. 

In any case, I’m pleased, because the OxStu has plenty on offer for this edition. I’m once again so proud of all the work the team has put in – and special thanks to Matt, Rose, Ayomi and Blane who covered for me whilst I was doing mad-scientist antics with liquid Helium. (PS. That’s really really cold!) 

Matthew Holland

The endless paradox of an Oxford student journalist is finding yourself excited by a topic, devoting all your time to it, and using it as a procrastination tool to avoid having to do your degree. 

Thanks to the help of Martin, these past two weeks have been consumed by our article on trans issues which started as an idea I had whilst incredibly angry. For those who know me, anger is often my greatest motivator, that is besides Ayomi and Rose asking me how me and Martin are getting on. 

Thanks naturally to Martin and to all those who agreed to interviews and therefore made our job easier.