Vegan Food on Tour:

The ultimate guide to the best vegan spots

All across the United Kingdom vegan options are available and never hard to find. As a vegan eater myself, I have tried and tested many different places. Below is a list of some of my favourites that I have ranked 10/10 or even higher for the taste or the atmosphere of the restaurant.

1. Red Lion Tavern

Location: Cotswolds

First up is the Red Lion Tavern which has the most amazing vegan chilli. This chilli will comfort your soul as well as your belly. They also offer delicious vegan cheese that is melted on top to offer an extra layer of creaminess. This quaint spot is located in the centre of the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds is a region in central-southwest England which is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is filled with lovely people who live in charming cottages, and is definitely worth a trip!

Rating: 10/10

…this chilli will comfort your soul as well as your belly…

2. Chiang Mai Kitchen

Location: Oxford

Next up is Chiang Mai Kitchen which is a very authentic Thai restaurant just off Oxford High Street. Their fried tofu tord matched with zesty peanut sauce is to die for! A bowl of their tom yum het spicy soup is incredible and I would highly recommend it! The price for both of these items is relatively low and will leave you feeling satisfied and full.

Rating: 10/10

3. Uzumaki

Location: London

My next selection is Uzumaki an Anime restaurant in downtown London. They serve incredible freshly brewed teas in the cutest mugs along with their Anime inspired dishes. They can do vegan options and make a few modifications, so it’s best if you make a reservation and give them a heads-up about your dietary preference. The atmosphere in this place is out of this world, with the Anime paintings, music, and even the wardrobe of the servers really enhancing the experience.

Rating: 12/10

4. Drury

Location: London

The fourth is Drury, a coffee shop-style café with amazing food paired with a lovely latte. Their fast-paced service is served with a smile, completing the experience and making you desperate to go back. My favourite item was the blondie bar. The blondie has the perfect crunch and sweetness to it. If you check out Drury’s social media accounts they are always adding something new to the menu!

Rating 11/20

Their fast-paced service is served with a smile…

5. The Den

Location: Cheltenham

The final place that you must go to is The Den. This sweet little place is encompassed by a picturesque town and boutique shops. They have a little bit of everything in this town, with a beautiful river flowing through it. The Den is close to a nearby attraction called ‘the Model Village’. I would recommend grabbing a bite to eat and then going for a stroll through the town for the perfect day out. My favourite sandwich was a toasted bagel with homemade vegan pesto, vegan mozzarella, and fresh heirloom tomatoes. The iced latte flavour I would recommend would be their seasonal lavender latte.

Rating 11/10

Image Credit: Alexis McCaffrey