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Blane’s Style Files: What Style Should You Try Based on your College?

Everyone at Oxford knows that every college has its own unique vibe, so why not try to embody that vibe in your personal style? Here are my suggestions on how to dress like the vibe of your college.

Christ Church – Tweed

Tweed is an obvious choice for an old and slightly obnoxious college. Though brown and green tweeds have been around forever, Chanel popularised coloured tweeds in blue and pink, including the pink suit and hat worn by Jackie Kennedy when she visited Texas with JFK. Why not add a tweed blazer or a hat to your next outfit for a historical feel?

Hertford – Animal Print

Often thought of as cheap and tacky, animal print has made a resurgence in recent years despite the fashion industry turning away from using fur, hides, and leather. In her book ‘Leopard is a Neutral’, Erica Davies describes how you can easily base a whole outfit around bold animal prints, and The Devil Wears Prada also features animal print in a photoshoot called Urban Jungle.

Keble – Sporty

Probably one of the sportier colleges out there, Keble is the perfect place to indulge in the latest activewear revival. Vogue has reported extensively about sportswear trends, and brand Nowhere FC bases its designs around a fictional football team. Why not try wearing something related to your favourite sport of player, or wear something in the colours of your college for a fun, patriotic twist.

Magdalen – Florals

Florals? For the Deer Park? Groundbreaking.

Florals have basically never gone out of style, appearing on runways more or less since fashion started. A big floral dress is always an amazing look at a summer ball, but floral shirts and blouses can also brighten up a cold winter’s day.

Pembroke – Denim

Denim is perfect for a fun and trendy college. Often reviled by the media, double denim can be a real statement if pulled off correctly (think Britney and Justin’s incredible matching outfits for the 2001 American Music Awards). Like Britney, try pairing denim with silver accessories and an embellished belt for a cool Y2K feel.

Queen’s – Over Accessorising

Maximalism has been a massive trend lately, so why not go against Coco Chanel’s “before you leave the house…take one thing off” rule, and go wild with hordes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings?

Trinity – Spots

A whimsical pattern for a relatively serious college, spots have suddenly burst back onto the fashion scene, with Vogue recently reporting on how polka dots are taking over street style. A spotty cocktail dress is perfect for a fun night at Freud, while a polka dot blouse or shirt can add some fun to a boring lecture.

Univ – Y2K

Probably the biggest macrotrend ever, the Y2K revival has brought back dozens of 90s trends, including low-rise jeans, velour tracksuits, and tiny sunglasses. These are perfect for channelling your inner early 2000s chick-flick persona. Just don’t try to make fetch happen.