Editors-in-Chief Charlie Bowden and Emily Hudson

Editorials – Week 3 Michaelmas 2023

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Emily Hudson

The weather’s turned and suddenly I’m wrapping up in college stash to make the commute into town. Still, I wouldn’t change a thing about the way this term has gone so far – excepting some horrendous bad luck putting my laptop (gasp) temporarily out of action. We are certainly in times of change, with storms raging across the country, in both weather and politics. I have the enduring hope that things will get better.

Work seems to get easier every year, but being in my fourth year it’s all tinged bittersweet, knowing that
this may be the last time I’m free to explore my interests and call it “work”. I’m trying to make the most of Oxford whilst I am still here, so I’ve gone out of my way to get a local library card (they’re free) to read fiction again. It had been a while – it’s difficult to truly relax when you have so much to do, so more often than not I’ve felt a duty to read nonfiction and “expand my mind”.

There are some fantastic pieces in the paper this week that I’m proud to be publishing, so don’t turn away after the news; there are 32 whole pages to enjoy. Thank you ever so much to our editors for the time you’ve committed to the paper, I hope you’ve enjoyed working on it as much as I have. Special thanks this week to Jenny, Jasmine, Daisy, Etienne, Jack, Blane, and especially Haochen whose InDesign efficiency is unmatched.

Charlie Bowden

It’s amazing how quickly two weeks can fly by in Oxford, and this is especially true when gathering content for a student newspaper. Things are constantly going on around the University to keep tabs on, even if the paint buckets of Just Stop Oil haven’t graced our front page for a second time running. I’d like to spotlight the hard work of our News team in covering various protests recently because it’s important that the voices of students and the local community are amplified through media.

I would also like to spotlight the even harder work of Daisy in lay in this week, who had to re-do an entire double page spread because of InDesign being temperamental. The world’s worst technological evils cannot beat our intrepid Head of News.

The podcast is also still going strong so keep an eye out for this week’s episode where the hosts pull back the curtain and tell you a bit more about themselves. I am crossing my fingers that the 3 million questions I submitted to them made the cut.

Thanks as ever to our amazing team.

In other news, I’ve learned to not skip lectures for fear of loosing an institutional curse that manifests in my tutorial partner fainting. Sorry Charis. Of course it would only happen while I was gone.

Team Kate Butch to win Drag Race UK by the way.

Tara Earley

It’s fair to say that the last few weeks have been my busiest in Oxford by a country mile. Throughout all the essay crises, 12-hour play rehearsals, and mystery illnesses, OxStu has been a safe (if largely
remote, via Messenger) haven where I can lose myself in the banter of lay-ins and cosiness of print socials. The Spotlight Social on Saturday was particularly memorable; the harrowing hunt for St John’s’ garden quad shall not be forgotten.

Thank you to the podcast team for your continued hard work, and to all the editors for putting in an absolute shift this week, as ever. Enjoy our wonderful week 3 edition!

Martin Alfonsin Larsen

This last week at the OxStu has been great. I’ve had the pleasure of editing Rose’s profile of Melissa Terras and covering a demonstration for the liberation of Palestine three days ago with Etienne, Daisy, and Cameron. Collaboration is the lifeblood of student journalism, and it’s a welcome break from degree work.
On that note, I want to thank some of the people who’ve made this experience what it is. There are too many to list, but I’ll try and get some of you; Charlie, Emily, Tara, Rose, Daisy, Milo, Etienne, Blane, Lukas, Jack, Holly, Anvee, Susie, Matt, Anna, Ayomi, and many others.