Editors-in-Chief Charlie Bowden and Emily Hudson

Editorials – Week 5 Michaelmas 2023

Emily Hudson

Fifth week is hard, but our editors work harder, battling through rain and illness to put together a paper I couldn’t be more proud of. It’s been a pleasure to watch the team come together this term, to see friendships form and confidence grow. We tried team building – at Junkyard Golf (other crazy golf courses available) – but found the team already built, and Rordon Gamsay was doing something strange so I didn’t want to look too closely at that. This was followed by a trip to Atik (other clubs available), which was fairly sparse; all the more room for Charlie’s dance moves.

Usually an editorial is the space to share a lighthearted anecdote, a comment on events, a little piece to make you think. I hope that this is at least some of those things. So here I will simply hope that your fifth week was as good as it could have been, that you still found the time to laugh with your friends and share a little autumnal joy. Work is hard, life can be hard, and it is friendships that make it worth it. I’ll take this time to thank all the editors and as always, Rose and Milo. Especially Charlie. Tara is an unsung hero for her work on the podcast, and Martin has put hidden hours into curating our newsletter. I would also like to thank Anton, Rhienna and Peter (you know who you are) for their support and encouragement in unprecedented times. Two weeks to go until my final editorial – but more importantly, two weeks until Oxmas!

Charlie Bowden

Now being an Atik dancefloor veteran, OxStu lay in doesn’t seem all that tiring anymore.

Michaelmas is slipping away into a moment in time quicker than August ever did, and today we’ve begun the search for next term’s editors. For now though, you’re stuck with Emily and I for another two editions.

I’d like to thank every member of the editorial team this week for making the laying in process less painful this time around. I’m almost sad that I only have one more edition to put together after this.

Emily deserves all the thanks in the world for being so on the ball this week. Martin also deserves a lot of our gratitude for helping out with laying in News this week. Tara is, as ever, working diligently on the podcast and thanks to Daisy and Olly for providing entertaining contributions over the past two weeks. Daisy, Rose and Milo also did a great job running the News workshop earlier this week.

Christmas is fast approaching, according to my Spotify playlist and November advent calendar (sue me, also thanks Rose for giving me the idea).

In case anyone’s wondering, Kate Butch is still doing well on Drag Race UK, but I might have already regretted saying that depending on what happens on Thursday – yesterday for all you losers who don’t put the paper together in the SU on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tara Earley

In an effort to pre-empt fifth week blues, OxStu headed out to Junkyard Golf for a night of intense competition. Jack deservedly took home first place, but credit must also go to Rose for her superb social sec skills. The evening was a nice reminder of why it’s good to leave the SU every now and again, and
that even outside of the paper, we actually do all rather like one another. It’s quite an honour to work with such an inspiring team, and even better to get to call them friends.

My thanks this week must go to Haochen for keeping me sane throughout the last fortnight – his feature on podcasting is a great read this edition. Enjoy!

Martin Alfonsin Larsen

Every time we reach the middle-point of an Oxford term, I find myself asking the same question: what is the cure to fifth-week blues? In my case, it clearly must be editing the Profile section, writing a newsletter, and redesigning social media posts.

All kidding aside, I really hope that you enjoy reading Profile as much as I enjoyed editing it. Lukas has succeeded in editing 80 minutes of conversation into a spectacularly reflective piece in less than 6 hours, and Holly has shed light on an issue I hadn’t even considered, due to my college being so secular. This week has highlighted that, more than ever, editing is a privilege.