Editors-in-Chief Charlie Bowden and Emily Hudson

Editorials – Week 7 Michaelmas 2023

Emily Hudson

Just like that, most of the term has flown by. It’s been good – but one of the craziest terms of my time in university. It’s my last Michaelmas, and slowly I am adjusting to the idea that my identity as an Oxford student (and Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Student) will have to shift pretty soon. That said, my loves of physics and journalism have both matured and experiences of both have left their mark.

Last weekend – festive as ever – I spent some time catching up with old friends in the Christmas Market on Broad Street. I also visited the “Big Oxfam” in Cowley for the first time, and had one of the best mornings I’ve had all term. The books (my goodness!) and the classic selection of irreverent tableware have made me all the more excited for Christmas, as I now have some gifts I can’t wait to see opened. As winter closes in, it’s nice to enjoy these small pleasures, in what daylight we have.

And so onto the last edition of the paper: thank you and goodbye to all of the wonderful editors who have
been such a pleasure to work with this term. I’m particularly grateful to Charlie, and to those who joined the paper this term. I hope it is the first of many, and that you enjoy the rest of your time here. Finally, I will say goodbye to my sister, who was taken from us far too soon. Rest in peace, Becki – I hope this little message would make you smile.

Charlie Bowden

What a profoundly odd feeling to be writing my last editorial of the term already. I know I keep banging on about it but Michaelmas does actually go quite quickly guys.

It’s also thrilling to already have our next set of Editors-in-Chief confirmed. Huge congratulations to Daisy and Tara, who I’m sure will lead the paper to new heights in Hilary. I’ll be sticking around to keep an eye on things – you can’t get rid of me that quickly.

There is a laundry list of people to thank, first and foremost of course being Emily, who has made this term of excitement and stress more exciting and less stressful than it would have been otherwise. I couldn’t have picked a better person to run the paper with this term.

Rose and Milo have been constant sources of wisdom during more difficult moments. This would’ve been a far scarier experience without their support.

Thanks to our Associate Editors Martin and Tara for doing great jobs on the newsletter and podcast respectively. All of our Deputy Editors are wonderful, but I’d particularly like to spotlight our newcomers
who have really pulled through – thank you to Bridget, Etienne, Jack, Jenny, Patrick and Olly.

Saul at the SU has also been a massive help to us this term.

Last of all, thanks to you for paying attention. Have a great vac and we’ll see you in Hilary under new management.

Tara Earley

My third term on the OxStu has undoubtedly been the best term I’ve had at Oxford so far. I could make another joke about how much I despise InDesign (I still do), or the trials of crafting Food and Drink content calls (hence their scarcity), but what I’m taking away from my experience as an associate is a profound sense of gratitude for this paper and the people behind it.

Thank you to Emily, Charlie, Martin, Daisy, Haochen, Jack, Johannah, Rose, Milo, Blane, Niall, Ashley, Sam, Cindy, Holly, and many, many others. It has been a privilege to work with you, and I look forward to an incredible Hilary and year ahead.

Martin Alfonsin Larsen

This third term on the OxStu has been an incredible, if very busy, one in both student journalism and my degree. Interviewing wonderful people and editing such wonderful profiles from this team has been such a privilege. Thank you so much to Emily and Charlie for their fantastic guidance this term. Thanks also to Rose, Daisy, and Milo for being so generous with your time and friendship; getting to know you all better has been one of my favourite parts of this term. There are so many more people on this list that I wish I had the space to thank; I hope you all know who you are.