Investigation into SU President drags on for fourth month

An investigation into the SU President, Danial Hussain, has failed to reach a resolution despite now being in its fourth month, while Hussain has been repeatedly targeted anonymously online.

The SU has been conducting an independent investigation into an alleged incident that occurred when Hussain shared porn with staff through misuse of a Google Drive. 

Yet more than three months later, Hussain is still suspended and the SU have not informed the student body of any resolution. When asked about this at Student Council, a statement given in Week 7 of Michaelmas was referred to, with no further update provided.

Hussain has been harassed on social media, with anonymous accounts repeatedly posting derogatory statements and Oxfesses targeting him. 

The Oxford Student exclusively revealed the incident last year after a video was placed in a Google Drive of a number of Hussain’s friends watching gay pornographic material with laughter heard in the background. The video was then opened by a member of SU staff and also seen by another SU Sabbatical Officer.

Hussain was suspended after the incident, with the SU telling The Oxford Student, “Oxford SU is aware of the allegations that have been made in this article and have launched an investigation.” More than £6700 in salary has been paid to the suspended Hussain during the suspension.

Hussain told The Oxford Student that the video was uploaded as a joke by two friends and that he was “the innocent victim of a prank which has gone horribly wrong.” He apologised to the individuals involved and said he did “not tolerate such conduct”.

The SU told The Oxford Student, “The investigation remains ongoing and as such we cannot comment.”

Hussain was unable to comment due to the ongoing investigation.

The role of SU President is currently up for election for the 2024-25 academic year, with 8 candidates standing.

One candidate for SU President, Q Sun, is running on a manifesto that argues “the University and the SU are currently running just fine without anyone fulfilling the role of SU President. How about we leave the SU President role empty next year and contribute the £27,181 salary to something else?

He has promised that, if elected, he will not take up the post and will work to ensure that it remains vacant for the year. 

The SU declined to comment on his campaign.