louis wilson union president

Louis Wilson to become Union President for TT24

Following a decision by an Appellate Board, Louis Wilson, the Librarian-Elect, will become President of The Oxford Union for Trinity Term 2024.

The Board has published a non-binding preliminary notice of their decision, intended to provide clarity for the Leadership of the Union for next term.

This followed an appeal resulting from the decision of the Election Tribunal that sat in December 2023. This Tribunal disqualified Leo Buckley for “harassment, bullying, or victimisation in connection with the Election”, as per Rule 33 (a)(i)(28).

At the time of the original Tribunal, Julia Maranhao-Wong was instated as the Union President-Elect. However, the Appellate Board has decided that the appropriate course of action would be to leave the role of President-Elect vacant.

The role of President-Elect will remain vacant until the end of Hilary term, at which point it will be offered to the incoming Librarian, Louis Wilson, under Rule 12(c)(ii).

The role of Librarian-Elect will then be offered to the Treasurer-Elect, currently Izzy Horrocks-Taylor. The role of Treasurer-Elect will then go to the candidate elected Secretary in the upcoming elections this term, whose role will go to the first elected member of Standing Committee.

A spokesperson for The Oxford Union commented, “An appellate board met, and they have now issued a preliminary declaration. We have full confidence in our disciplinary procedures.”