Investigation into Danial Hussain concludes
Image Credit: Shaun Iwasawa

SU President returns to role after investigation

SU President Danial Hussain has today returned to the role after a four month long investigation, while the former SU CEO left his role last week.  

Hussain was being investigated for an alleged incident that occurred when he shared porn with SU staff.

Hussain denied the allegations and insisted that while he had shared the Google Drive which contained the video, he was not aware of its presence.

He told The Oxford Student that it had been placed there by friends as a prank.

The SU commented on his return, “The OXSU President was reinstated as of 9am on Wednesday, February 21st. The SU does not comment on confidential HR matters. We look forward to continuing our work representing students at Oxford University. We will not comment any further in relation to this announcement.”

Last week, SU CEO Dominic Anderson left the role, after just over a year in the position. 

Acting CEO Nikki Smith will continue in the role until a permanent replacement is made.

In a statement, Anderson said: “It is with great sadness that I, for personal reasons, announce I am leaving Oxford SU. I have loved my time here and have been inspired every day by the talent and hard work of the staff team. I would like to thank all of you for being fantastic colleagues during some difficult times.

“Despite my time here being relatively short, we have achieved so much and I believe the organisation I am leaving is a stronger and better one than I found. This is due to the diligent work of the entire team.”

Nikki Smith said: “The Union would like to thank Dom for all his efforts and hard work and wish him well in his future endeavours.”