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Univ JCR passes motion of no confidence in SU Welfare VP-Elect

University College JCR has passed a motion of “No Confidence and Condemnation” in the SU Welfare VP-Elect, Alfie Davis. 

Davis came under fire after it was reported that they were part of a secret slate set-up to organise endorsements across various SU campaigns. 

Davis asked another candidate if they would be keen to form a “low-key slate type thing” and described those currently running as “anti union white queers.”

The motion passed by Univ JCR noted the terminology “anti union white queers”, that “[Davis] faced criticism for this remark both publicly and privately,” and that there has been “no acknowledgment, clarification or apology from the SU Welfare Officer-Elect.”

The motion passed called for a formal apology from Davis and for the SU to allow a motion of no-confidence at the next meeting of Student Council, something it claims the SU is currently blocking as a result of an “investigation” of non-descript nature.

If the SU does not allow the no-confidence vote to proceed, Univ JCR will disaffiliate from the SU.

When the “anti union white queers” comment became public, Davis argued that “[they] have never been part of a slate during any stage of the electoral process”, stating: “The only real ‘evidence’ regarding these claims that isn’t pure speculation comes from the SU investigator, who has completed a full investigation and found zero evidence of any wrongdoing.”

Alfie Davis told The Oxford Student: “It’s important to note that for a no-confidence to be raised, something impeachable has to have occurred, with factual evidence to support such. Whilst there’s been an attempt to distort private messages taken from me out of context, which were used to make entirely libellous and defamatory statements, the SU requires evidence for a motion to be brought. These defamatory claims are being addressed through official channels, and so I’m unable to comment further on such.”

“To clarify: When asked for a list of who might be running by the President-elect, I provided such, and pointed out these were “anti-union white queers”, in the very same sentence making it clear this was a problematic issue. I believe it’s vital we highlight the banal, everyday assumed whiteness within our political systems, and I’m more than happy to call it out, even when it’s self-deprecating.”

The Oxford SU and Shermar Pryce have been contacted for comment.

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect the fact that Davis described the people they were aware of who were currently running as “anti union white queers”, rather than any slate.

Image Credit: Shaun Iwasawa

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