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Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy wins MT24 Union Presidency

Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy has been elected as Oxford Union President in Michaelmas 2024. 

Osman-Mowafy, the current Librarian and a third-year Law student at St. Edmund Hall, received 389 votes. Chris Collins, current Union Secretary, received 395 first preferences, but because of the voting being ranked choice, he was unsuccessful.

Aryan Dhanwani secured the position of Librarian-elect, and Anita Okunde the position of Treasurer-elect.

Robert McGlone has been elected Secretary for Trinity 2024 but will be serving as Treasurer following the appellate board’s decision earlier this term. This had seen the disqualification Leo Buckley, with the position going to Louis Wilson (Librarian-elect) instead, and his position going to Izzy Horrocks-Taylor (Treasurer-elect).

Rachel Haddad Moskalenko received the most first preferences for the Standing Committee, and will therefore serve as Secretary in Trinity 2024. 

The #Motion slate, comprising Collins, Dhanwani, Amy Gilbride, and McGlone, as well as one Standing Committee candidate two Secretary’s Committee candidates, secured the positions of Librarian-Elect and Secretary, but was unsuccessful at the President and Treasurer positions, as well as Standing Committee.

These positions instead went to the #Drive slate, comprising Osman-Mowafy, Conrad Froyland Moe, Okunde, and Mikaeel Toosy. Toosy and Froyland Moe were unsuccessful, but two #Drive candidates were elected to Standing Committee.

The #Revive slate, comprising Israr Khan (President), Hamza Hussain (Treasurer), and Olivia Knight-Catalinete (Librarian), was unsuccessful in all positions.

This election was the first after the Union banned social media campaigning in Trinity last year. Candidates could only post plain text manifestos on their public feeds, but these regulations did not apply to private messaging.

The count took over 19 hours, from 9pm on Friday and continuing until 4pm on Saturday. The prolonged vote count was attributed to the extensive number of candidates running in the election. 

The full breakdown of results is as follows:

President-elect: Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy – 389

Librarian-elect: Aryan Dhanwani – 430

Treasurer-elect: Anita Okunde – 420

Secretary: Robert McGlone – 409

Standing Committee (in descending order): Rachel Haddad Moskalenko (95), Hugo Roma-Wilson (113), James MacKenzie(86), Danyal Admani(128), Moosa Harraj (106), Shermar Pryce (85). 

Runner-up Sidd Nagrath (71) will also be on standing committee next term, given that Haddad Moskalenko will be serving as Secretary.

There was later a recount for the position of President-Elect. Osman-Mowafy received 389 first preferences, and Collins received 395 first preferences.

The vote count for the Secretary’s committee concluded at 2pm on Monday. The following candidates were elected in descending order: Ben Murphy, Zarin Fariha, Zizheng (Tom) Wang, Yashas Ramakrishnan, Devon Darley, Jake Peto, Raza Nazar, Vee Kumar, Prajwal Pandey, George Abaraonye, and Ammar Ansari.

Turnout for this election was 1268, a significantly higher turnout than 987.

This story is developing and will be updated.