Image Credit: Cameron Samuel Keys

Independents and Greens make gains in local Oxford elections, with losses for Labour

The Labour Party have lost two seats in the Oxford City Council while the Greens and the Independent Oxford Alliance have made significant gains in the Oxford local elections. 

Last October, Labour lost its majority in Oxford City Council after nine councillors resigned over Labour’s refusal to condemn Israel’s actions in the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Six of these councillors moved to form the Oxford Socialists Independents Group, and the remaining three formed a separate Independent group.

This comes as the Conservatives are predicted to lose around 500 seats and mayoral positions across the country.

The Oxford Socialist Independents Group lost five seats, and the Independent Oxford Alliance gained four. The Greens won two seats, and an Independent candidate won another.

25 councillor seats in the City Council were up for election, with one in each Oxfordshire ward, other than in Blackbird Leys, where 2 seats were up for election.

Half of the seats on Oxford City Council were up for election, alongside a third of those on West Oxfordshire and Cherwell district councils. The Conservatives lost five seats, and have lost five of the seven wards in West Oxfordshire.

In West Oxfordshire, the Liberal Democrats made gains, and remained as the constituency’s biggest party at 21 seats, winning three extra wards. However, West Oxfordshire District Council remains under no overall control. The Green Party and Labour each gained one seat.

Liberal Democrats leader, Andy Graham, said, “the results are good news for our residents – they’ve voted with their feet and said ‘carry on with your partnership work, be positive’, and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

Cherwell District Council remains under no overall control. The Conservatives had previously held the majority of the seats of the council since 2000.

The council will now be made up of the following seats:

  • Labour Group – 20 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 9 seats
  • Green Group – 8 seats
  • Oxford Independent Alliance – 4 seats
  • Independent Group – 3 seats
  • Independent (non-grouped) – 3 seats
  • Oxford Socialist Independents Group – 1 seats

Image Credit: Cameron Samuel Keys

Image Description: Oxford City Council building