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Credit: Amelia Woon

Three sentences and a rating: third week burnout edition

Trigger-warning: sexual-assault

To be honest, I thought I’d watched a lot more than I really had in the past two weeks but it might be because I’ve started, then given up on a bunch of TV shows since the beginning of term. Anyway, here’s three sentences and a rating, where I recount all the media I’ve consumed in… three sentences and a rating out of five.

Big Boys Season 2 (TV show, 2024)

I watched season one shortly before starting university and it felt like a big hug for how anxious I was getting. I would be lying if I said I could separate season one from season two, but I remember liking this season a lot. The ending made me cry, I’m really going to miss these characters. Four stars.

The Watermelon Woman (Film, 1996)

If Shakespeare was a 90s Black lesbian. I don’t know how else to put this; it had the same flow as a Shakespeare play, but was more fun and easier to follow. Also, seeing a random actress onscreen and tracking down her family, partner, friends, etc. is the queerest, most neuro-divergent thing I’ve ever seen. Four stars.

How to Date Billy Walsh (Film, 2024)

This is why AI shouldn’t write films because I refuse to believe a real person sat down and wrote this. How on earth were we supposed to root for Archie? The actors did the best they could, but that boy was written like an evil supervillain. Two stars.

Heartbreak High Season 2 (TV show, 2024)

I loved season one of this 2020s remake and was super excited for this season. The show has grown to be really inclusive in believable ways, which is super lovely, fun, and chaotic to watch. But this season was insane, they chose the most unhinged plot points and managed to fit all of them into eight episodes. Three and a half stars.

How to Have Sex (Film, 2023)

Well, that wasn’t fun. Thought this was going to be about a chaotic trip that some teen girls take, but ended up being a really poignant piece about rape culture and how difficult it can be to talk about horrible situations that happen, especially at that age. This film left me in tears. Four stars.

Easy A (Film, 2010)

I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine, I gotta love and I know that it’s all mine (this song won’t leave my head). I finally watched it, and it was really fun and a great ‘turn your brain off’ sort of film. Emma Stone is literally incredible in everything she’s in, it’s insane. Three and a half stars.

When Harry Met Sally… (Film, 1989)

Sally is literally an angel and Harry is kind of a creep. I was waiting for the right time to watch this film and was a little underwhelmed. Their friendship, and later relationship, is cute in parts, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how awful Harry was at the beginning. Two and a half stars.

10 Things I Hate About You (Film, 1999)

Absolute classic and one of my comfort films. You literally have Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, AND Joseph Gordon-Levit in one 90s film. I still can’t deal with the sonnet scene, but everything else is practically perfect, and Patrick and Kat are just too cute. Five stars.

Riddle of Fire (Film, 2023)

Keep a look out for my full review on this. This film was so lovely, and I definitely think it’ll be a cult classic one day. The kids were absolutely phenomenal, their performances were better than even some of the adults at times. Four stars.

Sasquatch Sunset (Film, 2024)

Also keep a look out for my full review on this. Did not really like this one at all. A bit like if you asked a 10-year-old boy to write, direct, and produce a whole film. One star.

Image Credit: Amelia Woon