Image Credit: Cameron Samuel Keys

English and Geography departments drop admissions tests

Candidates seeking to apply to study English and Geography next year will not need to take admissions tests.

The Faculty of English and the School of Geography and the Environment have decided to forego setting the English Language Admissions Test (ELAT) and Geography Admissions Test (GAT) respectively.

In a statement published on their website, the Faculty of English commented that they “hope to be in a position to run the ELAT again”, but need time to consider how they can run the test in the future “in a way that gives all candidates the best opportunity to demonstrate the critical skills and thinking [they] are looking for”.

English candidates will still need to submit written work as part of their application, and those applying for Joint Honours may need to take an admissions test in the other subject. Geography candidates will not need to submit any additional material.

These announcements follow the technical issues which plagued the online admissions tests taken in October 2023, particularly for English, Geography, and Mathematics applicants. Applicants taking tests failed to log on to the platform, were kicked out during the test, or experienced ongoing crashes.

 The University subsequently disregarded ELAT and GAT results in awarding offer places for those subjects. In January 2024 they ended their contract with Tata Consultancy Services, which administered the online tests.

The University has announced that they are putting new arrangements in place for the admissions tests that will be going ahead for the 2024 admissions cycle. They have assured prospective applicants and test centres that these arrangements will be communicated as soon as possible.

Image Credit: Cameron Samuel Keys

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