Pro-Palestine encampment outside Radcliffe Camera
Pro-Palestine encampment outside Radcliffe Camera

OA4P sets up pro-Palestine encampment on Rad Cam lawn

On Sunday 19 May, protesters affiliated with Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P) set up a second pro-Palestinian encampment on the lawn outside of the Radcliffe Camera. It also said that it would dismantle it should the University enter negotiations with them over key demands.

This escalation comes following nearly two weeks of the pro-Palestine encampment set up outside of the Pitt Rivers Museum. OA4P have also carried out a number of demonstrations across Oxford, with the latest being one outside the Clarendon Building that called for the University of Oxford to divest from various companies it argues are complicit in Israel’s war against Hamas.

Some of these demonstrations include a die-in outside the Sheldonian Theatre yesterday, which the group said stated “successfully [disrupted] entry to graduation ceremonies”. At that die-in, a University member of staff was filmed kicking one of the demonstrators, and attempted to close a door on one demonstrator’s head.

Hundreds also gathered outside the Clarendon Building on Broad Street to support OA4P’s demands, including Ghassan Abu-Sittah, a physician and academic. A signature drive has amassed more than 2,000 signatures from students, with more than 500 academics signing a letter in support of the encampment and its goals.

In a statement, the group said that they had set up the encampment because they argued they had “reaffirmed out commitment to begin negotiations” but that the University had “made no efforts to come to the table and meet with us”.

It added that there can be “no business as usual while enabling a genocide”, and said it would continue to “disrupt” the University until demands were met.

The group have said that should the University enter into negotiations with encampment representatives, it will end immediately.

This ultimatum to the University comes amid students at universities including Trinity College Dublin, Harvard, Brown, and others dismantling encampments after their universities agreed to look into divestment options.

This week, when protesters set up an encampment outside Senate House at the University of Cambridge, it quickly agreed to enter negotiations with encampment representatives.

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The University of Oxford has been approached for comment.