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Regent’s Park Principal addresses antisemitism incident on site

Sir Malcolm Evans, Principal of Regent’s Park College, has released a statement concerning an incident of antisemitism at the college.

Regent’s Park College has seen antisemitic graffiti in the form of a number of swastikas within the College, according to Sir Evans.

“This is deeply shocking and is a matter that the College, and I personally, take extremely seriously. Such behaviour has no place here and cannot be considered acceptable under any circumstances.” 

“We do not know who did this or why it was done; but be assured that appropriate action will be taken should we become aware of the identity of those responsible – as it would in respect of any such display of hatred or hostility towards members of our College, or others.”

The College said that they have taken steps to provide support for affected students and assured that it “prided itself on offering a welcoming and inclusive community – something which has recently been confirmed in a JCR survey of student life.” 

“I hope that we are able to learn from what has happened by being reminded of the need to be understanding and supportive of each other as we share in our common life together,” added Sir Evans.

The Union of Jewish Students, in conjunction with Oxford Jewish Society (JSoc), have also released a statement on the incident at Regent’s Park College. 

The statement read in part: “since October 7th, we have seen an overwhelming surge in antisemitism on campus, and this has only increased in recent weeks. Shamefully, our experiences have been denied and invalidated by JCR and MCR motions accusing us of ‘weaponising antisemitism’.”

The President of JSoc told The Oxford Student: “Just 80 years ago the Nazis and their collaborators systematically annihilated two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population. The Swastika cannot be trivialised as anything other than a direct threat to Jewish students.”

“It is unclear from the President’s statement whether Regent’s Park College is investigating this actively. We as JSoc are ready to escalate this to the highest level to ensure a proper investigation is conducted. Any individual or individuals who perpetuate such an act have no place at Oxford.”

An open letter from students to the Vice-Chancellor, Deans, and Proctors of the University of Oxford, hosted on a website called Oxford since 7/10, asks that “the university take decisive steps to ensure the safety of all its members”. The letter also details 91 reported incidents of antisemitism at the university.

Image Credit: Reading Tom, via Wikimedia Commons

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