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Credit: Amelia Woon

Three sentences and a rating: Fifth week blues edition

Shockingly, in the past two weeks I have consumed barely any media… and am somehow, still a little behind on work! But as we’re approaching the end of 5th week, and I have almost nothing to offer at the moment, I thought it would be sweet to ask what some of the people in my life’s favourite comfort films are. Thank you to everyone who participated, you’re really saving this column! Also, totally prepared for every film to be five out of five stars.

Me (Joey): I Love You To Death (Film, 1990)

Ok, I know this is not the best film ever written, and I’ve already talked about it in a previous article, but I swear this film does something to my brain every single time I watch it. It’s fun, and silly, and pretty, straightforwardly dark if you think about it. Plus, you get hippie River Phoenix and stoner Keanu Reeves, pre-My Own Private Idaho. Five stars (no questions asked).

Abi: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (Film, 2022)

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is the first movie to even slightly take my attention away from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. It explores the family dynamic between a lesbian daughter and her Asian, working-class parents and grandparents, and it’s really nice to see such an ordinary and relatable family on screen – her parents aren’t great at English, and her granddad is even worse, but the daughter just wants to be accepted by her very traditional family. Such a fun and emotional watch as we’re taken into different multiverses (my favourite being where they have floppy sausages for fingers) that really just highlight the daughter’s inner struggles and feelings of nihilism! Five stars.

CMC: Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (Film, 1979)

Hayao Miyazaki’s directorial debut and an underappreciated classic. It’s a lovely, near-childish story of adventure, faith, honour, and hope, where a gentleman thief rescues a princess – it’s kind of fantastical and it’s like ‘little guy vs the world’. I haven’t watched it in a long time, but nostalgia aside: it’s a solid film, it’s not too deep, especially for Miyazaki. A BAJILLION OUT OF FIVE… three and a half minimum, but I’d say four stars… actually no, five out of five.

Emmi: Ponyo (Film, 2008)

My favourite comfort film has to be Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo. Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, the narrative is sweet, with beautiful animation and a calming colour scheme. Even after watching it countless times, for me it will always be the perfect film to curl myself up in bed and watch. Five stars.

Vania: Starstruck (Film, 2010)

If a twelve-year old’s 2014 Wattpad fanfic got turned into a PG movie. Disney era Sterling Knight is my Roman empires. Alexa play Hero by the world-renowned pop star Christopher Wilde. Five stars.

Alex: Your Name. (Film, 2016)

Your name. is a touching love story with stunning animated visuals and a beautiful soundtrack. The art style is simple but outstandingly pretty, and the care that went into each frame is evident upon multiple rewatches. It’s very typical for a Japanese romcom to follow high schoolers, but it’s themes of love, grief, and time never cease to elicit emotion. Five stars.

Kleio: Mushi-Shi (Anime series, 2005)

It’s about this travelling shaman named Ginko who resolves incidents involving ‘mushi’ (they’re essentially the stuff of life and assume many different forms). It’s a quiet and thoughtful exploration on the coexistence between humans and nature. A lot of the Mushi should be terrifying, but the show only ever treats them with understanding and wonder, the episodic format makes for an easy watching experience, and above all it’s just a lovely, lovely show all-round! Four and a half stars. 

Image Credit: Amelia Woon