Image Credit: Cameron Samuel Keys

OA4P rallies at Endowment Management building

Around 80 protesters affiliated with Oxford Action For Palestine (OA4P) rallied today outside Oxford University Endowment Management (OUEM) building. 

An OA4P representative said at the rally: “The faculty and the students do not know where the money is going” and the University has been “historically complicit in colonial genocide, and this has been continued to this date.” 

The representative demanded “University-wide and College-wide disclosure of all the money”  and subsequently divestment. 

Protesters hung banners illustrating their seven demands on the front gate of the OUEM building, with T-shirts with blood-stained hand prints and prop banknotes printed “Stop investing in murder” on the floor. 

Chants include “Free Free, Palestine, stop stop genocide,”  “Israel is a terror state,” “Disclose, Divest, we will not stop, we will not rest,” “Our tuition is blood money,” “Oxford Uni You can’t hide, we charge you with genocide, OUEM you can’t hide, and “resistance is justified when people are occupied.”

Two police officers are seen monitoring the situation on site.

This comes as the Vice-Chancellor, Irene Tracey, agreed to meet with three individuals publicly involved with the OA4P encampment. 

Tracey suggested an initial meeting to “fully integrate” the individuals with the University’s “conversations and efforts” surrounding “education” with Martin Williams, Pro Vice Chancellor (Education) and Alex Betts, Local and Global Engagement Officer. 

Tracey has offered further meetings to “broaden the conversation out to where we [The University] are with investments” following her return from the United States next week. 

OA4P have maintained an encampment for one month outside the Pitt Rivers Museum, and a little over two weeks since their encampment began outside the Radcliffe Camera.

Image Credit: Cameron Samuel Keys

Image Description: Protesters outside the OUEM building