Israr Khan wins HT25 Union presidency 

Israr Khan has been elected Oxford Union President for Hilary Term 2025 with 617 first preferences, winning by a significant margin over Izzy Horrocks-Taylor’s 393 first preferences.

Israr Khan is pursuing a DPhil in Law at Regent’s Park College and served as the Union’s Chief of Staff. Khan ran for presidency under the #Revive slate last term but was unsuccessful.

Khan emphasised on fighting the Union’s “institutional racism” while Horrocks-Taylor centred her campaign on increasing “female representation on committees and in our term card.”

Rachel Haddad Moskalenko, Moosa Harraj, and Siddhant Nagrath won the elections for Librarian, Treasurer, and Secretary. This marks the second time that the Union’s four senior officers will all be from BAME backgrounds, with the first being in MT21.

This election follows a series of controversies in the Union this week after Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy was disqualified from presidency for Michaelmas Term 2024 on Monday. Osman-Mowafy, among three past presidents of colour, alleged the Union’s tribunal process of “disproportionately targeting individuals from non-traditional backgrounds.”

Since then, three major Union committees passed motions declaring the Union to be “institutionally racist”, and 17 officers have threatened to resign in protest of Osman-Mowafy’s removal. 

The Union has also been marred with electoral controversies the past year, with two of the three presidents-elects being disqualified. 

The full breakdown of results is as follows:

President-elect: Israr Khan – 617

Librarian-elect: Rachel Haddad Moskalenko– 524

Treasurer-elect: Moosa Harraj – 545

Secretary: Siddhant Nagrath– 552

Candidates elected to the Standing Committee are Anya Trofimova (96), Sarah Rana (115), Hamza Hussain (68), George Abaraonye (84), Ben Murphy (73), and Raza Nazar (105). 

Candidates elected to the Secretary’s Committee are: Tobe Onyia (46), Veer Sangha (70), Akshay Nagpal (53), Boldi Paladi-Kovacs (53), Zarin Fariha (38), Michael Leslie (52), Katherine Yang (55), Makkunda Sharma (41), Benjamin Masters (27), Sophia Giblett (48), and Jennifer Yang (42).

Turnout for this election was 1187, slightly lower than last term’s turnout of 1268

Image Credit: Gaspard Rouffin

Image Description: Oxford Union building