Credit: Caroline Kuba

Featuring: OxStu’s artists TT24

The Oxford Student has played a key role in covering stories from all over Oxford and beyond, though our articles would be pretty bare without the incredible work of our artists. We have the privilege of an incredible creative team, as well as a few independent contributors whose work helps to bring our writing to life. Take a look at some of the art they’ve produced this term and meet the artists behind the pictures. Click on an image to see it full screen and see each artists portfolio in a gallery view.

You can apply to join our creative team for MT24 here.

Rhea Brar

Rhea Brar’s artwork and photography has featured on several major OxStu stories from cultural highlights like the Bridgerton Season 3 review or Met Gala theme analysis, to features around local elections.

Olivia White

Working from Taiwan throughout her year abroad, Olivia has contributed cover images for several stories and featured artwork for OxStu’s newsletter. Featuring herself in an article discussing how food can provide a home away from home, Scallion Pancakes, Liv’s work has highlighted many personal elements of Oxford culture from the kitchen to the cycle lanes.

Cameron Samuel Keys

Cameron Samuel Keys’ images have accompanied some of the biggest news stories of the past term. Events from the announcement of the Oxford SU transformation to the Oxford Action For Palestine protests, have been brought to life by Cameron’s work, which has seen him venture into the centre of the action in the name of journalism.

Elyse Airey

Elyse Airey has produced the cryptic crossword which appears in OxStu’s fortnightly print.

Caroline Kuba

Credit: Caroline Kuba

Caroline Kuba has produced works such as this detailed pencil drawing to accompany OxStu’s articles.

Amelia Woon

Amelia Woon has worked with the creative team as an independent contributor, producing images primarily for two columns: The nights of an Oxford insomniac and Three sentences and a rating. Her work also appeared on features pieces and in OxStu’s newsletter.

Elliot Francolla

In addition to working as part of OxStu’s TT24 creative team, Elliot has written a culture column titled Elliot’s Recipe corner, which has been published fortnightly describing the ups and downs of student cooking and achievable recipes to keep you going through the term.

Mia Leahy

Mia Leahy’s work has provided cover images for creative works such as Sophie Harrison’s This House and Blues for the Fifth Week Blues

Tara Narayan

Tara Narayan has worked with OxStu as an independent artistic contributor, producing this headline image for Elliot Francolla’s fortnightly column, Elliot’s Recipe Corner.