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Credit: Gaspard Rouffin

Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy reinstated as Oxford Union President

Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy has been reinstated as the Oxford Union President following the decision of a new Appellate Board to reverse the decision to disqualify him made by the previous board. It follows uproar in the aftermath of the previous decision, after which the Consultative Committee, Standing Committee, and Secretary’s Committee all passed motions declaring the Oxford Union “institutionally racist”. 

Osman-Mowafy having won the HT24 election, an initial tribunal was summoned to preside over all charges in relation to the election, covering a variety of issues and offenders. However, weeks later a second tribunal was formed, which was specifically considering certain offences possibly committed by Osman-Mowafy. The decision was made by the latest Appellate Board to “quash the decision” of this second election tribunal, which had sparked controversy after appearing to not follow normal procedure. 

The Appellate Board is yet to publish their reasoning and report. 

In addition to the opaque conclusions drawn by the second Appellate Board, there were also allegations of racism within the Oxford Union, its proceedings and its people. This culminated in the decision of Sarah Rana to resign from her role as Graduate Officer, as well as for all three senior committees to declare the Oxford Union “institutionally racist”. 

In a break from precedent, Osman-Mowafy has entered the office of President instantly, rather than having to wait the customary 48 hours following a declaration. This is in part a result of the lengthy proceedings beginning in Hilary Term. Osman-Mowafy’s appointment marks the first time that the Oxford Union will have an Arab President. 

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Image Credit: Gaspard Rouffin