Left: Annelise Dodds. Right: Charlie Maynard

Conservative Party wiped out in Oxfordshire

The 2024 General Election has seen major losses for the Conservative Party, losing 251 seats across the UK, and the Labour Party gaining its largest majority since Blair’s 2001 victory. However, how did the major parties fare in Oxfordshire?

The Liberal Democrats performed particularly well, with Charlie Maynard winning in Witney, a seat that has only ever been in Conservative hands since its creation in 1983. Following the redrawing of constituency boundaries in the county, the newly created Bicester and Woodstock constituency has elected Liberal Democrat Calum Miller in an historic moment for the seat.

In the constituency of Henley and Thame, Liberal Democrat candidate Freddie van Mierlo won with 45% of the vote, with Conservative Caroline Newton, the successor to former MP John Howell, finishing in second place with 33.2% of the vote. 2024 marks the first time in 118 years that Henley has seen a non-Conservative MP, previously being held by former Prime Ministers and Oxford alumni Boris Johnson (Balliol College) and Michael Heseltine (Pembroke College).

In fact, the Liberal Democrats now hold five out of seven seats in Oxfordshire, with Labour representing two constituencies in the county. In Oxford East, Annelise Dodds, Chair of the Labour Party, held onto her seat with 49.7% of the vote – the Green Party followed in second place as candidate Sushila Dahll gained over double the vote share the Greens saw in 2019. Another monumental win for Labour took place in Banbury, with Sean Woodcock winning 38.3% of votes, ousting Conservative Victoria Prentis.

For the first time in recent history, Oxfordshire will send no Conservative MPs to the Commons – the success of the Liberal Democrats’ in five of the seven seats in Oxfordshire and the Labour Party’s landslide nationally signals a clear shift in electoral sentiment moving forwards into Starmer’s government. Oxfordshire’s historic results demonstrate what can be seen on a national level – the country is ready for change.

Image credits: Annelise Dodds and Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats