Union President Disha Hegde is under fire today after a member of her committee launched an attack over the invitation of Katie Hopkins. Further concerns were raised over an alleged plan to move the meeting “in camera”, preventing the discussion from appearing in the minutes available to all Union members. In a meeting of the Union’s Standing Committee, Librarian-Elect Ebrahim Mowafy gave a long speech railing against the invitation, which appeared to involve numerous interruptions. He described the atmosphere as […]...
TW: Homophobia, transphobia and conversion therapy The Oxford Safe Churches project, run by a coalition of LGBTQ+ organisations and Churches in Oxford, have published their first faith report, titled ‘Attitudes to Queer Christians in Oxford Churches.’ The report, published on Friday 22 September, uses a ‘traffic light’ system to rank the LGBTQ+ inclusivity of churches in Oxford. St. Aldates Church and St. Ebbe’s Church, both located next to Pembroke College in the centre of Oxford, are ranked in the lowest […]...


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