The Oxford Student is the University of Oxford’s biggest student newspaper, published in print bimonthly and updated online daily. The newspaper was founded in 1991 and is run through Oxford Student Services Limited (OSSL), the commercial subsidiary of the Oxford University Student Union. However, our newspaper’s constitution grants us full editorial independence from the SU.

As well as a print edition which reaches 15,000 students each week, our website receives over one million hits every year. We’ve broken news stories that have appeared in the national press, and many of our writers have also written for national publications. Students who worked for The Oxford Student have gone on to join the Guardian, Times, CNN and Independent, amongst other publications.

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The current Editors-in-Chief are Martin Alfonsin Larsen, St Catherine’s College, and Gaspard Rouffin, St Anne’s College, and they can be contacted at editor@oxfordstudent.com.