The Victoria’s Secret fashion show: a dangerous fixation?

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a ‘throwback’ of sorts to couture extravaganza; the sets and the costumes worn by the models are opulent, to say the least. The creative directors slave over the process for the entire year preceding the show. Their labour includes picking section themes for the show and, of course, designing […]

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clifford chance trainee

Oxford’s Shark Tales enters shark-infested waters?

Another summer, another round of training contract applications. Such is the beauty of life for an Oxford law student. No sooner has the last post-bop hangover of the academic year subsided are lectures, tutorials and essays traded in for vac schemes, psychometric tests and interviews. Friends of mine, fizzing with intellectual and extra-curricular achievements and […]

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FRESHERS’ WEEK: How to decorate your new student room

It’s the first day of Freshers’ Week. Among the many things you’re presented with, baffled and bewildered, is your home for the next academic year.  As you stand alone, surrounded by your luggage, your otherwise empty room is a blank canvas awaiting your inspiration.  Whether your room will act as a safe haven from the hectic […]

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FRESHERS’ WEEK: The ultimate university shopping list part 2!

Earlier this month, the fashion editors at The Oxford Student presented you with their Ultimate University Shopping List. It was a bold and brilliant selection preparing you (the best and brightest!) for the start of term. However, we noticed a one-sidedness to the items put forward. While their tips will be great for guys come […]

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lads mags modesty bags co-op

‘Lads’ Mags’, modesty bags and the naked truth about fashion

The current debate raging in the British media on the proposed ‘censorship’ of Lads’ Mags in high street supermarkets such as the Co-operative raises important questions about fashion publications directed at women.  As the Lose The Lads’ Mags campaign initiated by the groups UK Feminista and Object notes, the sexualised images that colour the pages in […]

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robin thicke unrated music video

Robin Thicke’s unrated ‘Blurred Lines’ blurs boundaries

Since its release in the spring, the ‘unrated’ version of Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ (for the full music video, see below) has attracted a lot of attention. But I think it’s high time everyone stopped banging on about the men in the video. I find the public focus on their well-cut, moderately edgy suits – not […]

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